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Saturday, September 14, 2019 2:36:42 PM

Ring Tennis Complex. Following the match between the Seminoles and Knights, fourth-ranked Florida will face Florida Gulf Coastscheduled to start no earlier than 3 p.

Division III Men's Tennis Official Bracket

NCAA Championships

Comment Link Sunday, 26 February posted by Bobby Knight He was originally schedule to play at 5 against TCU yesterday but was pulled after the doubles point - assuming he has been injured.

If players are in the 2nd or 3rd set vs a ranked player, the players can miss out on improving their individual ranking if match is called. Winner and loser miss out on possible UTR rating improvements if match was a close, competitive one.

How Strong is NCAA D

I can understand not finishing matches if teams are in a tournament or playing 2 matches a day, but if they are only playing one match, why don't coaches allow players to finish? Travel schedule? Not wanting ranked player to get loss? Is this decision usually made before match starts or after match is clinched?

I think they should play out matches that are very close to being finished.

NCAA Men's Division III Tennis Championship

Especially with no-ad, it won't take all that long to finish them. Comment Link Tuesday, 28 February posted by KDS Coaches always decide before the match starts whether to play it out or not. This is always true for non-conference matches and different for each conference in league play.

Many colleges are located far from a decent-sized airport.

Middle Atlantic Conference

There is not a guarantee there will be a later flight available. Is there an Sec team that you think is underranked right now but is a very good team still? I had high hopes for Florida after they beat USC and UCLA but they've struggled lately at several spots in the lineup - they should be a top 6 to 8 team.

I still think Kentucky can get closer to the top 10 too.

DIII Tennis Live Scoring 3

Count on some explosions and fireworks in that one boys. I wouldn't be surprised if punches get thrown. It'll be highly anticipated, that's for sure!

I like the Frogs' chances in the doubles and I think Norrie will be favored against Benitez and Rybo favored against Tchoutakian, but all the others could go either way.

It'll probably be newly-returned Trevor Johnson against Bendeck at 5 and that could be the deciding match. Expect a good crowd because quite a few Frogs will drive down to Waco for it!

No announcement, though Any idea what's going on? Is anyone surprised?

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