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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 4:55:32 AM

Tech columnist Peter Griffin explains your options. As Rugby World Cup fever builds, so, too, does the pressure on Spark to make sure we can actually watch it via the internet.

What time is Wales v England kick

Live Rugby Match Centre

Purchasing the pass will give you access to all 48 games live and on demand for 30 days following the match, highlights packages, and access to a range of historic tournament matches. You're not alone. If you're in that camp, or simply don't want to purchase the pass, you'll have to head to a pub, club or school which has signed up for the service.

Scores & Fixtures

Spark has been working closely with commercial premises, even offering them domestic prices for the package. Unfortunately, the same opportunity won't be available for domestic customers.

Thanks to the Fibre in Schools initiative, schools often have the best broadband connection in town.

Rugby World cup RWC Broadcaster, TV channels List

More than heartland schools across the country have already signed up, and that number is only expected to increase before kickoff. Spark has a contingency plan if their delivery turns to custard.

  • Rugby World Cup TV Fixtures Schedule UK
  • Rugby Union Fixtures /20

It's better to have a back-up plan and not need to use it than to have no back-up plan at all," Latch said. In addition to a suitable connection and internet plan you will use about 4. Spark are encouraging people to do just that , and not to leave it until the last minute.

Watch full episodes of TV shows for free on 10 play

Including the aforementioned All Blacks games, 12 games listed below will be free-to-air with through TVNZ and Spark Sport free-to-air account holders. The footage customers stream onto their devices will be about 30 seconds old. In comparison, the delay is usually between seconds with broadcast television, meaning when games are simulcast on Spark Sport and TVNZ, there will be a 22 odd second difference.

So it won't be easy for people to actually have something comparable," Latch said.

The increased delay was for the most part unavoidable due to technological limitations, although Latch expected it would undoubtedly diminish with time.

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