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Sunday, September 1, 2019 9:07:03 AM

As part of the tie-up, BT Sport will have exclusive rights to all live games for both tournaments, highlights and in-match clips. The exclusivity deal over the highlights marks the first time that all content from both competitions has been held by a single broadcaster and means Champions League action will no longer be shown on free-to-air TV at all.

Where can I watch live streaming sports?

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Streaming The Ashes Series on BT Sport is yet another example of sports fans being asked to pay twice to watch top sport. Spotify might not provide artists with the same reparations as previous formats, but it has slowed the rampant piracy of the early digital era.

Related: how to install Kodi Paying more for less While music, film and TV have moved in the right direction, live sports continue to lag behind in the value stakes. Every other England test is on Sky.

As time moved on you needed a Sky subscription to watch some, then all of the cricket.

Sports broadcasting contracts in the United Kingdom

That priced my family out. Or refrain and miss out? Most weeks, their options are to find a stream or miss the game. How ludicrous is that?

Full broadcasting guide to the Irish sporting season

However, here in the US, the greed is also evident. On the flip side, with each team guaranteed at least three exclusive appearances on Gold, it means current NBC Sports have to pay extra, or lose access to those games. The resistance Last week we learned Sky and The Premier League are co-signees on cease and desist letters being hand delivered to suspected developers of Kodi add-ons.

Instead of putting all this effort into intimidating developers, these content providers would be better served by focusing their attention on understanding consumer needs and meeting them half way. People will pay for that privilege. Related: Best Kodi addons A right to rights?

But should that really be our problem as consumers?

Nba on sky sports

During the Super Bowl, the commercials are as just as much a part of the experience for many Americans. No-one has to illegally stream the Super Bowl.

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If you have a screen, you can watch it. Both have pushed the tech envelope at great expense to provide the coverage they do.

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Sky should be applauded for things like Now TV. As someone who pays for the live sports I watch on The efforts to demonise a platform like Kodi ignore the real issue.

It all starts with fans paying more than they should reasonably be expected to. The rebellion is gathering pace.

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