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Sunday, January 26, 2020 9:07:17 AM


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How can that be possible??? Just because I have a contract that they wont uphold.

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Here's my email to their head office; Dear Sir or Madame, My family has been a customer of Rogers cable for as long as I can remember. When I moved out on my own I decided that I too would be loyal to a company which provided my family with home entertainment for over 20 years.

Basic Channels

In the past few days I have had a bit of concern for the way you treat your customers, and for the way there was no plan in place for the occurrence I am going to mention. I was told by your customer service representative that it would be cheaper for me to order the Super Sports pack than to order these channels separately.

I called to inquire earlier this evening if I would be receiving any compensation for the channel since it will not be airing what is the expected programming on that channel.

Blackout (broadcasting)

I was told a flat No from the customer service representative. When I inquired weather I could cancel my service I got a no because I was in a contract. Now I knew there was a 4 month contract for this service and I would have not wanted to cancel if the season was going ahead or if I was offered some sort of discounted rate.


This apparently again is not possible. I will tell you I am very upset that your company would order a customer to uphold their side of the contract if you are not going to uphold yours.

I believe that since you are not upholding your side this would make the contract we have null and void.

Because of how upset I was I decided to seek others views on a message board called Tribe which receives 5,,, unique hits per month and has thousands of regular users so they could see what sort of company you are running.

I will be posting this email in the thread along with your reply. My complaint about compensation is a very valid one.

  • LinkedIn Rogers gambles on a standalone digital streaming sports channel Comparable services were previously only available to cable subscribers, but Rogers is looking to get ahead of the unbundling wave Apr 1, Peter Nowak Home run? Too soon to tell.
  • Billing starts October 19, and ends December 29,
  • Cable companies must also give the option of supplementing that basic package with additional channels, with up to 10 options.
  • Watch your favourite movies and shows wherever you are on any device!
  • Unlike the National Football League , the blackout of games has nothing to do with attendance, but instead is implemented to protect broadcasters with contracts to air games.

If I went into McDonalds and ordered a big mac combo and charged normal price for it but they couldn't provide the big mac but gave me fries and a drink instead I would expect to only pay for the fries and drink. I am just wondering why I am being fleeced, and I would like some compensation, or I will escalate this further.

Sports Packages

My Mother also has a Rogers cell phone which she will cancel along with my sisters pay as you go cell phone. I think it would be silly for you to throw away all this business over a few dollar discount. Thank you,.

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