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Monday, January 27, 2020 12:17:12 PM

It was such a monumental upset that we even made a movie about it starring Kurt Russell almost 25 years later. The Soviet hockey players we beat were faceless, emotionless, socialist robots programmed to crush the West with ruthless efficiency.

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Email In the final decade of the Cold War, Slava Fetisov was considered the most celebrated ice-hockey player in the U.

Fetisov became the first Soviet citizen in history invited to play in the National Hockey League, but it was not until that he was able to leave the crumbling Soviet Union to play for the New Jersey Devils and later join the Detroit Red Wings for back-to-back Stanley Cup victories.

The film shows how the game of hockey galvanized Soviet identity, how matches were proxies for international conflict, and how Fetisov and his peers were groomed as national heroes while being forced to live away from their families 11 months of the year, often under K.

Red Army is being released as tension between Russia and the U.

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Over lunch with Fetisov in Moscow last year, I asked him what he had learned about the difference between the American and Russian ideals of strength. Fetisov at first said there was no difference.

But America, you never get upset. Russia, they can blame themselves for a long time not to be a champion.

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