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Saturday, January 25, 2020 1:30:16 PM

I'm new to Now TV having just signed up about a week ago and am thoroughly enjoying this app with the wide range of channels including a few of my old favourites that were discontinued from my previous service provider. I know that it's early days yet but I don't forsee any problems such as that which seem to plague other users according to the posted reviews.

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Read on for our guide to everything you can get as part of Now TV, and the features that this service offers. What is Now TV and how does it work?

What you can watch depends on which package you decide to go for. But if you forget to cancel the trial, or want to keep it going, Now TV will automatically take the fee for the next month.

This is a really attractive offer, especially if you want the Kids pass just for entertaining kids over summer or the Sky Cinema pass for watching movies over Christmas or the Entertainment option to catch up on two specific shows.

But you can also choose a selection of passes too. If that sounds good to you, be sure to check the Now TV website for deals and bundles that could save you some serious pennies. You can buy just one pass or a combination of two or all of them. There are some deals on if you get one or more, keep an eye on the Now TV website for the latest.

The Entertainment offering is good because it allows you to catch up on shows that are currently ongoing.

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This is one reason Now TV trumps Netflix, which tends to get hold of movies a little later. The Kids homescreen is packed full of cute cartoons, old classics and the latest must-watch shows Kids The Kids pass offers up some of the best programming from channels like Nickelodeon, Nick Toons and Cartoon Network.

Hayu The most recently added pass, Hayu is for reality TV addicts. Do you need a contract for Now TV?

A Guide to Now TV Prices, Passes and Packages

Then once that time is up you need to either cancel the trial or Now TV will automatically use the details you signed up with to set up an account and pay monthly. You can log in to your account and cancel it whenever you like. The Week and Day pass are one-off payments, but the Month passes will auto-renew monthly.

Just like the other passes, you can cancel those at any time. How much does Now TV cost? How much Now TV costs will totally depend on which passes you want. Confused yet? Yep, us too! The important thing to remember with all of these different passes and bundles is it can get expensive quickly if you sign up to all of the passes and think you need all of them - or just forget to end your free trial.

What devices can I watch Now TV on? Now TV works more like Netflix than Sky when it comes to how you can watch content - and what you can watch it on.

Every week the number of platforms and devices you can watch Now TV on grows. At the time of publishing, Now TV states there are more than 60 devices you can use. Now TV also has its own range of hardware that you can plug into your TV. Both the stick and the box also serve up third party content to your TV too, like iPlayer and All 4.

There are a few different bundles to choose from. How fast does my internet need to be to watch Now TV?

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The quality of your streaming will depend on how good your internet connection is because Now TV uses adaptive bitrate streaming to cope with different speeds. The maximum available streaming quality is p on all devices, apart from YouView. However, Now TV says it does hope to introduce higher-quality streaming in the future.

Fingers crossed. Can I record shows or movies on Now TV? The only exception to this rule is with the Kids pass on iOS and Android devices. With that you can watch content offline, but it only applies to that one pass. We presume Now TV really felt for parents who have kids that only stay quiet when their favourite show is on.

On all other devices you can pause and rewind movies and shows. Are there adverts on Now TV? Sometimes there are a few adverts at the start of a movie, TV show or kids programme. These can range from just one to three or four and are a mix of general advertisements and sometimes trailers for other shows or movies on the service.

Does Now TV have subtitles? Yes, but not on all of its content. According to Now TV, subtitles are available for around movies and 20 shows that are part of the Sky Cinema and Entertainment passes.

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For now, you can look at the information about a show or movie and if it has an 'S' alongside its rating, subtitles will be available.

How many people can watch Now TV at once? Technically that means you could share your Now TV account with one other person for non-sport-related content.

Is Now TV worth it? If you can only afford one streaming platform, we still think Netflix might be the winner thanks to its fantastic original content and easy-to-use UI. But it really all depends on what you like to watch.

Buy NOW TV Sky Sports Pass

If sports, kids shows, recently-released movies and reality TV are your thing, you could get a much better experience from Now TV. For example, we loved watching Westworld so kept a rolling contract going just to catch up on that. The best part is the rolling contract - or even the day passes.

The key to using Now TV well is taking the time to really think about which of the passes you need, otherwise you could be collecting them all and wasting your cash. Now TV is a good streaming platform with a solid choice of content, especially if you have a top broadband connection.

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