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We offer a wide range of sports and activities for the students to take part in during their PE lessons, as well as a number of sports on a more competitive level. During the school day we focus on benchball, basketball, football, athletics, rugby, orienteering and table tennis. We believe these sports and activities provide students with the opportunity to become physically literate young people, improving both fundamental skills and physical capabilities.

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Football has been a popular sport since anyone can ever remember! Football still left some room for other sports to take a place in the spotlight like; basketball, handball, volleyball, squash, tennis, swimming, gymnastics…etc.

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Those unpopular sports ended up either offered as a class or hobby to be practiced by amateurs, not competitive professionals. For some of us who either grew abroad or in Egypt have fallen in love with some sports that seemed to not fit the Egyptian Sports Culture one way or another!

Back in the day, Polo matches were quite popular especially in prestigious clubs like Gezira Sporting Club and Alexandria Sporting Club. Horse Racing Leather boots and weird looking pants were not a problem for professional jockeys.

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Sadly because of so much controversy around the gambling side of the game, it was banned once and for all!

It was long awaited especially with those Quicksilver ads that made some of us want to surf and do nothing else in life!

Synchronized Swimming Dancing and Swimming, for all the musical mermaids out there, this is an absolute charm! We usually watch this sport in the Olympics and just admire from a distance quite literally through a TV screen!

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Water Polo This sport is a joy for the men who played it and for the ladies who cheered them on! Combining Water, Team Work, and a Ball, Water Polo seems to be only for the ones who have strong legs and sturdy core. Learned by Egyptians since the beginning of time especially fishermen and sailors.

Rowing Comes in second to Sailing but we definitely handle our waters well!

A sport that takes a team and a team leader to move forward and win the race! It has always been around but lately, we started to see people over the social media practicing in the Nile river.

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Ultimate Frisbee The newest on the Egyptian Sports Scene, Frisbee is no longer a sport you play randomly on the beach with your friends or play catch with your dog. It happens to be quite a strategic team play, that takes precision and fly high jumps!

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Then you definitely witnessed All Blacks dance it before every rugby match they played! It reflects how tribal it is to play a sport like Rugby which is built around lifting your teammates to catch the ball, protecting them as they run and tackling others if they are about to get attacked!

This bond has already made a lot of Egyptians fall in love with the sport!

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American Football Similar to Rugby, maybe.. Us Egyptians if we love something so much, we find a way to make it happen, especially with the introduction of ice skating sites in several malls!

We really believe some of the Unpopular Sports we mentioned deserve a bigger place under the spotlight in the Egyptian Sports Scene, but it takes a big crowd to make something popular in Egypt! So if you love or practice any of them, share with us your opinion and your thoughts on how to turn them to Popular Sports for everyone to enjoy!

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