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Monday, January 27, 2020 8:37:49 AM

The date window is very small, and to make matters worse, it is somewhat recessed below the face of the watch. To view the date, it was necessary to look directly down on top of it. If there has ever been a watch that could use a date magnifier, this is it. If you have less than perfect vision, plan on squinting to see the numerals within the date window. Even with perfect vision you cannot simply glance down to see the date because of its position below the face.

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Social Media The man is famous for having quite a number of women in his friendship circle. Citizen

Skhumba Hlophe may have initiated the Roland Muchegwa challenge following pictures and videos of the man which have gone viral on social media. Muchegwa, apparently a Zimbabwean national, has been trending in the top five since Thursday morning after a video of him, at first showing two women dancing, and towards the end, Muchegwa joining them, leaving those who have watched the video concluding he was the one taking it from the beginning.

In another video, the same man is seen being given a lap dance by another woman in a club, while pictures of him with several women have set tongues wagging.

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The man has been living it up with different women, and this has made him famous on the social media streets. Watch the video and pictures below: Don't hate this guy blesses so many women.

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I am sure even your girlfriend is there also getting an iPhone 11 pic. He posted a video imitating that of Muchegwa dancing with two women, and social media users may follow suit.

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