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For the Irish football award, see Goal of the Season Ireland. For similar awards, see Goal of the Year disambiguation. In English footballthe Goal of the Season is an annual competition and award given on BBC's Match of the Dayin honour of the most spectacular goal scored that season. It is typically contested between the winners of the preceding ten Goals of the Monthalthough the goal can and has come from any game in the regular season, including international qualifiers and friendlies—potentially from the opening league games of the season to the end of the European season UEFA Champions League final. In several instances, the goal has come in the final game of the domestic season, the FA Cup Final, the most recent example of which is Steven Gerrard 's last minute goal in

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Has there been any effort to get rid of the football blackout? What is the football blackout? Games may be played on that day and on that time, but they are forbidden to be televised — with Saturday televised kick-offs mostly occurring at pm or pm.

He was convinced, for instance, that if Manchester United were to play Liverpool on Saturday at 3pm, fans of lower division teams would instead opt to watch the match on television instead of attend the match of the team they actually supported.

  • For a history of the origins of football sport, see football. History The early years Modern football originated in Britain in the 19th century.
  • Make every match memorable with increased control in Midfield, improved defensive moves, more stars, and a new way to play.
  • BBC Football Free of the need to please advertisers and with the organisation's myriad tentacles reaching deep into the game in this country the BBC is in a privileged position but uses that privilege well. Highlights packages from every lower league match every weekend have added massively to its draw for many.
  • Points make prizes Like many domestic soccer leagues the world over—but not the MLS—the question of who wins the Premier League is decided in a fairly straightforward fashion. If two or more teams are on the same number of points, then a hierarchy of factors are used to separate them.
  • WSL Boxing clever What is the history of Boxing Day football, how are fixtures determined and which fans must travel the furthest in ?

As a result, the financial income of lower league football would be reduced. Foreign matches are also affected by the blackout — Sky Sports do not show the first 15 minutes of a La Liga match that kicks off at 5pm UK time.

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To be in accordance with blackout rules, the final day of the Premier League has all ten games kick-off at the same time on Sunday at 3pm with the final round of Football League fixtures scheduled from 3pm onwards on a Saturday in order to broadcast multiple games.

During the blackout period, live radio broadcasts are permitted both nationally and locally.

WHAT TO GO SEE FOR ITS CAST OF BRIGHT SPARKS Tweet Image via the BBC If you have spent any time on Twitter during the past few days, reading the opinions of faceless eggs, you will no doubt be aware that the salaries of top earners at the BBC have been revealed. Second on this quite shameful list was Gary Lineker, the former footballer who has been rehabilitated into a media phenomenon and occasional left-wing proselytiser.

Which countries observe the football blackout? The UK is the only country to prohibit the broadcast of 3pm Saturday kick-offs. Major European leagues in France , Spain , Germany and Italy do not observe such a blackout, and there has been sufficient evidence to prove that closed periods do not affect the outcome of lower league football match attendance.

It is a major irony that you are able to watch more Premier League games based in North America or Asia rather than England , who have prided themselves as a nation who are the home of football.

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Naturally, UK-based football fans don't always have the resources or financial ability to always attend the game on matchday, only able to follow their game on television — and not being able to watch your team at 3pm can be frustrating.

There has been research about the impact of televised football on matchday attendees, with the consensus being that there is little to no correlation if you are a local supporter, you would attend your home game regardless of who played at 3pm on television.

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It has not been adequately shown to the Court that the closed periods actually encourage attendance at and participation in matches. Article continues below Their findings concluded that football fans were keen to see a balance struck between the number of games televised and the number of games that are to kick-off on Saturday at 3pm.

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In December of , however, the Premier League announced plans to bring forward a new kick-off time on Saturday at pm starting from the season, with slots for eight games to be played at that time throughout the campaign.

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