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Friday, September 6, 2019 4:22:26 PM

AP Alabama-transfer Layne Hatcher passed for yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions in his debut as a starter and Arkansas State held off Troy in the Sun Belt Conference opener for both teams on Saturday night. Hatcher's pass was intercepted by Carlton Martial, setting the Trojans up with a chance to tie or go ahead with just less than three minutes to go. Kaleb Barker led Troy to the Arkansas State 8, but on fourth and 4, an offensive player was injured with the clock still running, causing the last nine seconds of the game to be lost to an automatic second runoff.


Follow your club now for first access to all our news, views and analysis Watford Follow your club now for first access to all our news, views and analysis Arsenal There is plenty to be gained from speaking your mind as a footballer, as Troy Deeney knows well.

But there is a reason that so many stick rigidly to cliche, and it is to guard against the sort of humiliation that the Watford captain suffered here, a week after the high of leading his club to the FA Cup final.

A season later, he stuck to his word and promptly whacked Arsenal at the first opportunity. It all meant, in the end, that Arsenal secured three crucial points which returned them to the top four and ended their horrible run of results on the road.

The first touch, across his own goal, was loose. The little skip, before the attempted clearance, was unnecessary. I have tried to drag it on to my left and pass it out, but before I knew it he was on me.

In hindsight you have to get rid as quick as you can, even if it goes into row Z. I am definitely not a modern goalie.

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He is just rapid. Lesson learnt. Torreira was certainly caught around the face, but the Watford captain was enraged, ripping his shirt off before he had even left the pitch. If the diminutive Torreira had been taller than 5ft 6in, it might have been a legitimate shoulder barge.

Deeney is streetwise enough to have known that those comments after this fixture last season were always going to resurface again.

Football opens season at Troy

Whether he knew they would prove quite so haunting, though, is another matter. Rather than stopping to discuss the decision after the game, he was one of the first to leap on to the Watford bus.

Players Mentioned Both of us got to have. We both just got to have it.

It is clear it helped us. After the break it was much of the same, with Adam Masina smashing the bar from range. To be in our hands to take the top four and after this and I think the match the sequence of the match very important for take one direction coming with us this goal, this card, I think we can control better the match and I think in this position with one player more we can break their lines and attack the last third better with our players.

And the second half we didn't score the second goal with good chances and the moment can come, like they have some action in attack, giving us to struggle for defence the last crosses, set pieces, above all the three points.

In 90 minutes happened a lot of things. The red card I didn't see the action and our goal we worked to push the goalkeeper when he wanted to play like he was playing and I think it's a very good action.

Troy Pelletier

And after I wanted to control better the match and do the 90 minutes with more facility for easier for us, controlling with the second goal. The referee did his work and for us the three points we deserve it also we take in some good chances second half do the result for us.

With the result we can do the 90 better and improve information about this 90 minutes. We were the better team! Arsenal were happy to hit us on the counter. I've said sorry to the lads, sorry to the fans. I should have just Cruyffed them I've tried to drag it on my left and play it wide and before I know it he's on me - bloody hell he's fast!

To be fair I've got to do it quicker, you've got players like him you've got to get rid, it's not the time to mess about. Just hit row Z. I just thought I had a little more time than I did, next time I'll stick the boot through. I didn't see, I don't think any of us saw.

Troy's not happy about it, says it was nothing. I think we can take a lot of heart from tonight, we were the better team. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Away is always difficult for us but everybody did a great job and we are really happy. We knew it would be a tough game and I think everybody knows what the goal is for us, to get top four, and this game was important to stay in the competition.

We did a great job. I was confident, it was a long time I want to score a goal like this.

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Tonight it went through. Normally keepers don't know if you are coming back to them. For me it was a good goal - I like it! Yeh why not? I feel confident, the race is going on, it's a tough battle but I'm confident and will carry on.

Yeh OK it was unbelievable from Mo Salah. Maybe it's not an easy goal but it's easier than Mo. I feel good, it's tough to play in the Premier League.

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You have to fight every game. I feel well, I feel good. So since I'm here I'm really happy that I'm working good. Everybody knows I like to play with Laca, we have a great partnership but sometimes one plays and the other starts on the bench.

I like to play with two strikers but I don't like to say because the coach will Gary Neville.

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