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Sonic the Hedgehog movie: release date, cast, trailer and everything else about the new Jim Carrey live action film Fans haven't been pleased with the film's depiction of Sonic - it's something about the eyes Tuesday, 30th Aprilpm Updated Friday, 6th Septemberpm Video game fans are looking forward to Sonic's big screen outing, even if his 'live-action' design has left many feeling uncomfortable Photo: Paramount Pictures Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most recognisable characters in video game history, and now - nearly 30 years on from the blue erinaceidae's Sega debut - he's starring in a live-action movie. Yes, you read that right.

Live Action Sonic Has Been Redesigned

The trailer was met with the rage of millions of fans. This was quite a shock to the studio, which thought it had everything together.

It had a movie with adventure, action, silly but not rude humor for kids, and even some edgy humor for the dads of the kids. So, what happened?

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Hollywood has been going crazy with video game adaptations ever since movies like Mortal Kombat and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider were released and proved to be highly profitable. At first, the films had to be more grounded in reality, but that began to change when CGI Computer Generated Image became an option.

  • Video games such as Dr.
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  • Sonic Corp Sports fans Using acoustic camera technology, stadium noise created by fans is mapped onto a 3D model to help visualize the sound of football.
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan. Appearance: Disturbing.

Now, even more video game adaptations are possible, so studios are taking advantage of it. A Sonic movie was just waiting to happen, and how could it not? Easy money.

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But there was the challenge of actually making this video game character realistic. There was the method done with the film Detective Pikachu, in which the cartoon Pokemon were made with CGI, but nothing was done to humanize them and an artist was able to properly blend them into the real world.

For Sonic, the studio decided to try and humanize this character. This included making him taller, giving him human eyes and oddly straight teeth, and making his gloves into white fur.

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When people got a silhouette of the character, they started to worry. When people saw a concept design, even more people worried. And when the trailer came out showing the full look of this character, almost every person who saw it detested it. This caused widespread Internet memes and blatant hatred of the film.

Many said this design freaked them out.

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Some even wondered if this was all just one big joke. The studio then decided that it had to redesign this character. This redesign was pretty significant because this was one of the first times that a studio actually heeded criticism from Internet trolls and actually worked to fix it.

Fans were greatly anticipating this redesign.

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They were hoping that maybe their beloved character would actually look like the original. Then, on November 12th, fans got a second trailer. This one featured both new and old footage but now with this newly improved Sonic.

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