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Friday, September 6, 2019 7:03:17 PM

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Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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AP — A small, white building in Scottsbluff holds the history and stories of generations of local Japanese-Americans. The Japanese Hall is home to these memories in the valley.

Vickie Sakurada Schaepler, a Sansei, or third-generation Japanese, is working to not only preserve the history, but the very building in which so many memories were made.

Many first-generation Japanese immigrants, or Issei, were young men and teenagers when they came to the U.

Scottsbluff football team inviting people to cheering section after fan buses cancelled

In , many of them settled in the area. The railroad was laying off workers and western Nebraska was having a boon crop of sugar beets. The Issei and the Nisei, the second generation, worked as farm hands, started their own farms and owned restaurants in town.

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The Japanese Hall was built in as a place to meet and share their culture. The preservation of the Japanese Hall will expose younger generations to their history. Schaepler, the Japanese Hall and history project coordinator at the Legacy of the Plains Museum, has already worked to move pictures, trunks and other items to the museum for preservation until the building itself is moved later this year, the Star-Herald reported.

One important artifact in safe keeping at the museum is theater curtains, one of which shows the Eagle Cafe as a sponsor.

While Skutt Catholic came away with a win in the game, Scottsbluff quarterback Sabastian Harsh is who everyone is talking about because of an eye-opening performance While he proved to be impressive under center, Harsh -- also a kicker -- made an impact on special teams.

Though the building is being emptied in preparation for its move, the cherished stories unfold in the scrapbook with each turn of the page. She joyously tells stories and explains roadblocks to information.

Her father, and others like him, never shared their stories and she wants to save them before they disappear.

Her parents were some of the first Issei to pass away in her family. Documenting their history and all the Issei is vital to understanding them. She was chosen because of her longtime commitment to tell the Japanese-American story in Nebraska.

Schaepler was overwhelmed by the support from the community.

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People will hear the story of Sam Takei, who worked at the Eagle Cafe and always wore a bow tie and a smile.

People will learn about the harrowing stories of many families who were relocated to Gila River War Relocation Center. The basement will have to be recreated in its new home. Several of its items will be moved, but there is a question about a kitchen cabinet.

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