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Shares Image credit: EA Games EA's veteran gridiron sim remains highly playable amid an up-and-down year for the sports genre, and Madden 20 tips are an essential foundation for mastering it. Madden 20 is a sim that has improved year-on-year based upon fan feedback, with elements such as the no-huddle offense in need of some readjustment time. Wondering where to get started, and how to fast-track your progress? Then you're in the right place. Below are your essential Madden 20 tips for draft day glory, rookie potential, Madden Ultimate Team challenges, and more.

QB1: Beyond the Lights: Season 1

More Options Netflix documentary series QB1: Beyond the Lights returns for a third season, once again trailing three high-ranked high-school quarterbacks as they chase their football dreams.

In the new season, he follows young hopefuls Lance LeGendre, Spencer Rattler and Nik Scalzo, all seniors trying to stay focused on their quests for high school state championships as they eye exciting futures on Division I college fields.

Opening Shot: A bleary silhouette of two football players battling beneath a blazing sun. Sometimes, his Cajun accent is so heavy, he needs subtitles.

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At camp, he stands in front of his teammates and says his motivation is his mother, who always finds a way to put food on the table for him and his three younger siblings when times are hard. Commentators say he boasts the perfect amount of cockiness to render him confident, a winner.

He and his parents sit for a sports-talk radio interview; he shows off his precise footwork during practice; he shoots hoops with his dad and sister in the backyard of his middle-class home.

He won a state championship in basketball, and now sets his sights on doing the same in football.

QB1: Beyond the Lights The show consists of three seasons with a total of 10 episodes per season. We see them at practices, school, home, and pregame in hotel rooms or in the locker rooms.
Shop by category At the time, in July of , this felt like nothing more than another content-rich update.

The No. Last season, he led his team to the state championship game, but lost an overtime heartbreaker. Our Take: QB1 is a bit of an overlooked sports-doc gem.

Fantasy Football: Streaming Options for Week 8

Although audio interviews are used as voiceover, there are no talking heads on screen; the show sticks to a fly-on-the-wall approach that lends it a sense of intimacy and unvarnished observation.

Although the behavior of on-screen participants still can be affected by the presence of a camera, this journalistic style and approach is about as close to objective as a Netflix-produced doc can get; it thankfully avoids all the trappings of canned and glossy reality TV.

Those who picked up Madden for their new story mode QB1: Face of the Franchise may find themselves leaving their gaming chair with mixed feelings.

This first episode contrasts the external — and sometimes all-too-adult — pressures these young men face with footage of teenagers goofing around like all teenagers do.

Nothing is stated outright, but the dynamic is clear and present, in the subtext of a tightly edited collection of sequences. Sex and Skin: None.

Madden NFL 20's Face of the Franchise Gets College Football So Incredibly Wrong

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