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Friday, September 20, 2019 1:29:55 AM

Not exactly Eric and Ernie or Laurel and Hardie, but they have given us countless moments of genuine comedy gold in their hit sitcom Peep Show, as well as their sketch show, That Mitchell and Webb Look. Mitchell's high-intensity monologue is stunning, as he urges viewers not to miss "thousands and thousands of hours of football, each more climactic than the last! Constant, dizzying, twenty-four hour, yearlong, endless football!

Watch the Football!

Home Tip: Highlight text to annotate it X Tomorrow night on Sky Sports 4, it's the clash of the South Coast as the irresistible force of Portsmouth meet the unmovable object of Southampton, in a clash that's gonna go down in history as one of the many football matches that are happening this weekend.

Mitchell and Webb: Their funniest TV moments

Meanwhile, there are old scores to be settled at The Dell, scores like and that have happened in previous years. Who will win this time between Sunderland and Blackburn?

They've all gone. And we're back.

Then on Sunday, live, the battle for the North-West as Shrewsbury meet Macclesfield, in a match already being described as "on this Sunday".

Coming up midweek, the giants of Charlton play host to the titans of Ipswitch, making them both seem normal sized.

That Mitchell & Webb Look

Then, Tottenham play Bolton for the second time this season to see who will win that. Also Manchester United return to Aston Villa, for a game of football, to determine the victors, for this year at least. And indeed at most.

Looking ahead to March, every football team will be playing football several times and in various combinations. And you can catch all of that football here, where we'll be showing all the football, all the time.

Mitchell and Webb

Catch all of the constantly happening football here. It's all here and it's all football, always. It is impossible to keep track of all the football, but your best chance is here. Thousands and thousands of hours of football, each more climactic than the last.

  • It was always going to be hard to live up to those expectations, and in being a little more experimental series two occasionally failed to hit the same highs as the first. Eager to avoid retreads from series one, the duo avoid trotting out the easy laughs by giving mainstays like Numberwang a new spin, while fan-favourites Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar and Ginger are used sparingly.
  • Comedy misses, comedy goals, comedy tackles, comedy rants. And that's before we delve into bubbling furnace that is football memes.
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  • Sitting forward in an earnest fashion and pushing back his flop of brown hair, David Mitchell is explaining why the production company he has just formed with Robert Webb has gone into business with the BBC. At a time when a growing number of comedians, including Steve Coogan , Julia Davis and Chris O'Dowd , have been beating a path to Sky, it's a bold move from the stars of cult hit Peep Show.
  • In , when Mitchell was two years old, his parents gave up their jobs to lecture in hotel management, and to look after him. In a interview with The Independent , Mitchell stated his childhood dreams: When I was at school I either wanted to be a comedian-stroke-actor or prime minister.

Constant, dizzying, 24 hour, year long, endless football. Every kick in it massively mattering to someone, presumably. Watch it all, all here, all the time forever, it will never stop.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb: fear and loathing in Croydon

The football is officially going on forever. It will never be finally decided who has won the football. There is still everything to play for and forever to play it in. So that's the football, coming up, watch it, watch the football, watch it, watch it, it's gonna move, watch the football, it's football!

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