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Thursday, October 3, 2019 1:04:19 PM

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Saints v Liverpool

We received an email confirming the order also confirming the tickets would be posted to us as requested and even called our credit card company to make sure the money had gone through as it was a large amount.

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They confirmed it was all fine. As the match was in Cardiff this was the perfect opportunity for us to go to see his team who he has supported since a child play in the Champions League final. As my parents live in Hereford we travelled from our home in Lincolnshire, miles away, to stay at my parents and then travelled down to Cardiff on the train on the day of the match.

Liverpool FC Bus Tour, Anfield Bus

However, a couple of days before the match 31st May we received an email saying that as the tickets are only being released by the club on Friday in Cardiff there is not sufficient time to get these in the post to us.

They instead were organising for our tickets to be collected from their company rep from the Cardiff Mariott Hotel on Friday or Saturday.

We were advised that we should call their agent on Thursday afternoon to advise of our expected time to the collection point. We tried to do this on the Thursday but just got through to the voicemail. We emailed Livefootballtickets and were advised that the number should be active in a couple of hours and try again.

We eventually got through to him and advised him that we would be getting into Cardiff between 1pm-3pm depending on train availability, we were told this was fine and to call him when we arrived. On the day of the match we got into Cardiff at 1.

Collection Points

When we got there we called him and were told to get a drink and call him back in 20 minutes, but the collection point probably wouldnt be the Marriott hotel anymore.

So, 20 minutes later we tried calling it went to voicemail quite a few times , when we got through we were told to go by the castle by Pret a Manger and call him again.

We did this and couldnt get through to the rep, it just kept going to voicemail. We called the office number and were told that he definitely had the tickets and we were definitely going to get them hes just putting them into envelopes now. The sales adviser said to keep trying the mobile number and to stay by the stadium as he would be in touch.

How to Buy Tickets for English Soccer

He said that if we hadnt heard anything we should call the office back in half an hour. We eventually got hold of the agent who told us to go to the Hilton hotel, which we did but, guess what, no sign of him and his phone was just going to voicemail again.

We tried calling the office number but this was just playing a recorded message on loop. From that point on we couldnt get hold of the agent or the office.

Parked at Loopia

We made over calls between us that day trying to get through to them. We had no choice but to sit around and keep trying to ring, just in case we were going to get our tickets.

Then, at 6. No explanation or apology just a standard email, which didnt even mention a refund!! So we had travelled to Cardiff for absolutely nothing and spent 5 hours chasing around this supposed rep on a wild goose chase. UK Full Objective Review

We replied to the email stating that the service we had received was disgusting and we would be expecting compensation.

We went to the train station to find out about trains back home and were told that trains were on hold as they were going to be running through the night, the next one wasnt going to be until We had no choice but to ring my parents to ask them to drive to Cardiff to collect us.

We called the office on Monday and the guy advised that a refund would be put through, we received an email saying this but as yet, 5 days later, no sign of the refund. It was most upsetting watching fans going into the stadium knowing that we should be going in too, and had paid to be going in!!


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