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Thursday, September 5, 2019 11:27:11 PM

It will try to continue its outstanding run against Elon on Saturday. Elon is sitting atbut James Madison will present the toughest test of the season by far. This could be Elon's chance to make headway in the CAA, in spite of the unlikelihood of JMU losing multiple games this season, but it's an ideal opportunity for the Dukes to prove just how far ahead of the rest of the FCS they are at this time. The digital service covers more than 50 schools and has over 10, live games and events annually.

Where can you watch, listen to JMU football this season?

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The basics Game time: 2 p. ET on Saturday, Aug. Go to the game What does this method entail?

Going to the game means that you hop in a car or a plane or maybe a razor scooter to check out the game in person. How do I make this happen? While tickets for the game are technically sold out, some fans are selling tickets through StubHub. If you want to go to Morgantown to watch the game, look for tickets through this link.

Is this method reliable? Again, there are no dumb questions.

Harrisonburg businesses prepare for JMU watch parties

So unless you get stuck behind a weirdo wearing a giant hat, this is reliable. This is your classic method of watching the game on TV. If you get the channel, yes. Watch the WVUSports.

Donate Student Guide to Downtown College students are a huge part of the vibrancy and energy of downtown Harrisonburg. Just a short, 1-mile walk from campus, downtown offers lots of great places to hang out, work, study, dine, shop, intern and volunteer.

Going to WVUSports. This article adds even more detail about getting around blackouts.

How to Watch JMU vs. West Virginia

The feed should go live near kickoff on Saturday. ET on Saturday to get everything situated. Is it reliable?

Central Virginia Chapter WVU Alumni Association

Some of this depends on your WiFi connection, but this stream should be a standard online web feed. There may be issues with connectivity and image quality, much like any other internet sports feed.

JMU Watch Parties for Friday's National Semifinal

It should be. Go to a JMU watch party What does this method entail?

James Madison vs. Norfolk State

Getting out to one of the various official JMU watch parties across the eastern U. Florida, Maryland and North Carolina all have one watch party, while Virginia has seven. The full list of locations can be found here. Register for the event , as the hosts like to know how many people are attending.

There might be a minor fee to help pay for the event. Once registered, show up on time to your respective viewing location and enjoy the game.

UD vs JMU NCAA Playoff Game Watch Party

Yes, the hosts do a fantastic job of ensuring the feed for the game works. Watch parties are also a fun way to enjoy the game with other Dukes.

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