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This project carries the work of a volume of dedicated and talented student filmmakers in the Portland Film Community. The story is about a college sitcom which falls apart where Gerard, Daphne, Leo, and Micheal struggle to tell […] Marketing Director Follow the band on social media! The show includes a variety of live music ranges from garage punk to indie acoustic from local and touring artists including interviews and tons of other goodies for your ears and now eyes to feast […] Marketing Director Follow the band on social media: Facebook. The show includes a variety of live music ranges from garage punk to indie acoustic from local and touring artists including interviews and tons of other goodies for your ears and now eyes to feast […] psutv-admin What does FilmStuck panel members think of Sing Street?

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And keep in mind Season One has 46 episodes total. By skipping all episodes between the ones dedicated exclusively to Clip Shows, you can watch the whole season one in 12 episodes, and you'd arguably not miss anything. The Gekiganger characters freely hang a lampshade on this trope. And just to completely demolish the Fourth Wall , the second half of the episode reveals that Gekiganger's trademark Forgotten Superweapon , the Gekigan Flare, was inspired by Nadesico.


Which has already had its hero come up with a Finishing Move based on Gekiganger. The dub just skipped it, and its three later successors. And the last episode of the second arc was a joke clip show about a secondary character. And the last episode of the third arc was a clip show interspersed with a narration by the main character revealing that she slept with Akio.

Some are really annoying. Episode 29 is a decent example of how to do one of these right.

Episodes of Wolf's Rain. It seems several months passed after episode 14, so it was deemed necessary to recap pretty much the whole thing that or a low budget.

JERRY! JERRY! 9 of the biggest fights on TV talk shows, from Ricki Lake to Jeremy Kyle

On the American DVDs, the four episodes filled an entire volume vol. The Transformers series Car Robots has three clip shows; when it was dubbed into Transformers: Robots in Disguise those episodes remained clip shows, but the clips involved were completely different. Transformers Victory had no less than six over the course of its run, with another four added for the video release.

Trigun 's 13th episode, "Vash the Stampede", is a clip show episode wherein Meryl is typing her report on Vash and summarizing all that she has witnessed since following him. One Piece : Right after a dramatic moment in the CP9 arc that was preceded by a four-episode flashback, the arc decides to pause again while the heroes falling in mid-air for five Clip Show episodes in a row episodes When these episode originally aired they coincided with a timeslot change from evening to morning, so this might have been an attempt to combat Continuity Lockout for new viewers the final episode recaps the flashback that started only nine episodes prior.

Used again during the Thriller Bark arc Episode Again, probably an attempt to avoid Continuity Lockout , as this arc follows on from a storyline that hadn't appeared in almost three hundred episodes. Original broadcast version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann replaced the infamously fanservicey episode 6 with one of these.

After the original episode had been completed but before it could be aired, the show was moved from a late-night timeslot to an early-evening timeslot, meaning it would be reaching a younger audience than was originally intended.

BANNED! The Funniest TV Ads That Were Axed

The unedited episode was included on the DVDs. Episode 16 is actually a clip show. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing had a pair of back-to-back clip show episodes, 27 "The Locus of Victory and Defeat" and 28 "Passing Destinies" , which have Relena and Treize respectively each recapping half of the story so far.

It was later revealed that these episodes were going to show important moments from the main characters' pasts, but those plans fell through; these stories were later turned into the manga Episode Zero.

The first half of episode 14 is one of these, with the SEELE committee narrating the events of the series so far.

The first 70 minutes of Death and Rebirth is a clip movie. Eureka Seven 's episode 14 is one of these, with the events narrated in the form of various reports written by two cast members.

The Year History of Hokuto" Fist of the North Star is rife with these, unfortunately. There were several episodes that were nothing but clip shows, including one notorious incident where five episodes in a row were just clip shows. Fully half of the penultimate episode was a recap clip show of the antepenultimate episode.

Naruto : Throughout the two-year filler period that Naruto Part 1 aired, only one episode, , was a clip show. It was based on a viewer vote of the best five fight scenes, and ended with cameos of Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Sasuke.

Trump’s History of Encouraging Violence

Naruto Shippuden gave us a double-length clip show with episodes and A handful of plot developments were thrown in between the flashbacks, but the two episodes had barely 10 minutes of new footage between them. Code Geass had two Clip Show episodes in the first season, but unlike many such examples, the staff outright admitted that they were Filler episodes intended to buy them some "breathing room" so they could work on more plot-relevant episodes.

These two episodes didn't even make it into the American release, becoming Missing Episodes. Chobits managed to have three clip episodes, two of which aired with the original broadcast, and one of which was made for home video. And at least in the North American DVD release, all three were included on the final volume, which also included the "Chibits" short.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood had an interesting take on this for episode 27, with a clip show brought on by the framing device of a very strange dream by Hohenheim.

Larry Bird Fight Compilation

Akazukin Chacha had 4. Samurai Champloo had one in episode 13 when Mugen and Jin read Fuu's diary, which sees her personally recapping the events of the past 12 episodes.

A notable one happened in episode 89 of Sailor Moon. It featured only voiceovers of the five main senshi discussing the events of the season and pondering the future while clips from the entire series played out. Dragon Ball : Dragon Ball Z had a clip show in as a year-end special, where Goku who is at that point deceased decides to visit Earth to spend New Years with his family, and they reminisce about everything that happened in the anime that year, mainly the Cell Games and the Otherworld Tournament.

This was never aired outside of Japan. In the primary show content, the idea was played with a little. For filler the anime would often have scenes taking place away from the action where characters would reminisce about events from both DBZ and Dragon Ball and could range anywhere from five to ten minutes.

Another episode has Master Roshi explain the history of the Red Ribbon Army to some of the supporting cast hanging out on his island early on during the Android saga, which in turn features clips from the entire Red Ribbon Army arc from the original Dragon Ball.

Given the length of the series , those flashbacks were probably included because the people making the anime thought people legitimately wouldn't remember or wouldn't even have seen stuff that was important to a new plot.

They became particularly important when the show was exported to America, because everything past the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball weren't dubbed until later. In Japan, there was the "Summer Vacation" Special that played with the trope by applying it to the movies: Goku, Gohan and friends are dressing up for the premiere of Dragon Ball Z Super Android Thirteen , and spend their time reminiscing about all six previous DBZ movies and the three Dragon Ball movies before them.

The episode does add to the plot, though. Miami Guns did a clip show for its second episode, though in this case it was entirely new content with no flashbacks to the first episode.

Shiva on Nickelodeon

It also broke the fourth wall inconsistently, with the lead characters sometimes talking about behind the scenes stuff like Animated Actors and sometimes treating the clips as the actual events of their lives. A portion of episode 73 of the Fairy Tail anime adapted from the manga's "Rainbow Sakura" omake features Lucy reminiscing a bunch of events from the previous 72 episodes while she's sick in bed.

The first half of episode 26 of Death Note is this, through the frame of L's reports on the Kira case, which Light subsequently finds and deletes.

Moon And Stars on Baby TV

Episodes 19 through 22 of Supercar Gattiger were composed of clips from earlier episodes. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory did two clip show "half-episodes" within the first eight episodes Fans were not pleased.

The Love Live!


Asian Animation There's a season of Happy Heroes called Funny Highlights, which almost entirely comprises clips from previous episodes.

A fairly common tactic for Padding a storyline or filling in gaps due to Schedule Slips was to reprint material from older issues and treat it as though it were a Whole Issue Flashback.

Since most of the readers were too young to remember the original stories , they were often unaware they were paying good money for recycled material. This is explicitly discussed in Miracleman 8. The editor of the book actually breaks the fourth wall and comments on this trend, citing an issue of Doctor Strange where Marvel just reprinted an old Steve Ditko story and had the gall to pass it off as a Flashback.

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