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The adrenalin fuelled excitement of watching specialised fighters pitted against each other in the ring is hard to beat. The sport has a rich history that, in one form or another, dates back to the ancient Greeks. Fighters study combat techniques from a wide range of fighting styles that originate from Asia, Europe and South America and combine them to create their own personal fighting style. The question is, does a sport as freewheeling as MMA translate well into the online gaming format? And the answer is, without doubt, a resounding yes!

UNCAGED: World Fighters Card Game

Game details[ edit ] On June 1, , Electronic Arts announced that an all-new fighting title is in development under the EA Sports brand. Its website did not reveal any facts about the gameplay or its release date, just one link to sign up for the EA Sports newsletter and another that directs people to EA Sports' MMA forum.

This game has many options to create the ultimate MMA experience.

MFS : MMA Fighter

The game focuses on global MMA, not restricting its gameplay to one brand or region. Rogers on November 7, The trailer featured Emelianenko and Rogers performing a variety of attacks and defenses against each other.

The trailer ended with both of the men about to punch each other in the face. They can turn attacks into body punches, kicks or feints. Depending on the timing, the successful defense can result in a sprawl, transitional block or a reversal.

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Submissions can be attempted, and the defending player can prevent the hold from being applied if he reacts quickly enough. Otherwise, the fighters engage in one of two submission mini-games.

Once a submission has been initiated, it is not possible to cancel out of it. For arm and leg submissions, the players must tap either the submit or defend button several times until the defending fighter either submits or escapes.

The idea is to tap the button in short bursts while maintaining the stamina at optimum levels and never letting it drain completely.

MMA Fighter Game

For chokes, a circular image appears in the center of the screen. A colored marker moves along the circumference from clockwise to counterclockwise in unpredictable patterns and fades in and out of view.

MMA Training Ground: Fighting Game

The player whether on offense or defense must track and match the movement of the marker with the left analog stick. The circle shrinks while the screen fades to black as the fighter gets closer to getting choked out and expands when one gets closer to escaping.

The game is set in venues to include boxing rings, circular cages, and hexagonal cages, and it includes multiple rule sets including Japanese, Vale Tudo, and Strikeforce rules in addition to standard Unified Rules. The game includes the ability to fight southpaw- or orthodox, execute foot stomps, soccer kicks and knees to the face on the ground, and fight on the cage, with clinch work and countering.

Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock provide commentary, but are unable to announce most custom names. The player is able to upload hype videos, which will help to increase popularity. Real-life prizes were given out, to a certain level.

MMA Mixed Martial Arts: Wwe wrestling Game, Online game

White remarks, "EA Sports told us, 'You're not a real sport. We wouldn't touch this thing. We want nothing to do with this. White has since changed his standpoint on this subject.

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