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Theros, inspired by Greek Mythologyhas two based on Ares and perhaps Phobos and Deimos, since they're "the twins of war" : Mogisthe Black and Red god of slaughter and mindless violence, and Iroasthe White and Red god of victory and honorable combat. Blood Knight extraordinaire, but surprisingly more of an Anti-Hero than most examplesand a devoted father. Athena more of The Strategist to contrast with the above. Thor is occasionally referenced as one, even if the closest he comes is God of Strength. Asgardians as a whole seem to have this as their hat.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (Anime)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods / Heartwarming

But people seem to be split as to whether he's a tragic Sociopathic Hero or an outright monster. There's a good amount of support for each with another argument to be made that he drifts between the two from game to game. The developers have implied that Kratos' position between sociopathy and monsterism depends on just how blinded by rage he is at the moment.

In an interview hyping the prequel in Game Informer , one of the developers was quoted as saying Kratos was "an asshole" and "unlikable" by the third game, and the prequel would try and humanize him. Advertisement: Zeus' vindictiveness toward Kratos is because Kratos released fear from Pandora's Box , which infected Zeus.

From a certain point of view, Zeus' actions are not his own and can't be blamed for wanting to kill Kratos. It also creates an infinite regress of circular motivations because Zeus wants to kill Kratos because of the fear he unleashed and Kratos wants to kill Zeus because he killed him once.

Zeus might have been trying to connect with his estranged son Kratos through the Grave Digger disguise. Interpretation of Zeus often depends on how one interprets Kratos.

Some view Zeus as betraying Kratos, breaking his own rules, and deserves everything Kratos did to him. Others view Zeus as completely justified in attempting to stop a mad god and a more heroic than Kratos. Advertisement: For that matter, does Zeus really want to stop the destruction that Kratos causes, or is he just terrified that he'll be killed and is putting on a tough face?

War Gods (Video Game)

What was Zeus doing while Kratos was killing his entire family and destroying the world by proxy? Even if he saw nothing else over the course of the series, Zeus definitely watched Poseidon get murdered and did nothing to stop it. The King of the Gods only comes out to fight when Kratos either shows up on his doorstep or threatens the source of his power - situations where nonaction would lead to his own death.

Awesome Bosses : Okay, some of the boss fights are pretty god-damned awesome so take your pick. Just one example: The dragon in God of War It's the biggest thing you actually get to fight in the game, and between the amazing but gory animation of the steadily increasing damage Kratos does to it, the fast-paced fight, and the way it ends, with the dragon crashing down, Kratos standing unmoving between its jaws, it makes for a brilliant mid-game boss.

Badass Decay : The gods and titans suffer from this heavily as the series goes on.

  • Reddit battle music Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! Epic battle music.
  • Corey Burton voices Zeus in the God of War 2 and 3, a role he also plays in the Hercules animated series.
  • Directed by Masahiro Hosoda, it was released in Japan on March 30, , and features heavy involvement from Akira Toriyama himself, making it one of the few canonical movies.
  • After a long stalemate, his opponent realized that he would not give up and touched Jacob's hip, dislocating it. Also, because of the way in which the angel defeated Jacob, observant Jews do not eat the sciatic nerve.
  • Search The mythical realm kissmanga The Mythical Realm.
  • A Load of Bull : An entire race of monsters like these, unlike the original minotaur that was a single monster born from an unnatural union. Boss in Mook Clothing : The Titan Minotaurs in the second game are considered the toughest, most dangerous non-boss enemies, though only three are encountered in the whole game.

In the original game, Ares as a giant is presented as suicide for Kratos to take on without Pandora's Box, which by extension brings up how monumental a task fighting a god or titan is.

By the second, Kratos is fighting Zeus human sized and starts hurting his giant form, but more and more, gods show up as bosses, and not even as a Final Boss in III and Ghost of Sparta, with Kratos killing them while human sized even if they're giants, along with the titans, causing the majority of the gods outside of Zeus and Ares to come off as Paper Tigers.

Advertisement: At least the gods in the third game are shown to be capable of being able to put up a good fight against Kratos.

  • And the Ghost of Sparta was just getting started Advertisement: Essentially anytime there's a circle above an enemy's especially bosses' head , it's time for Kratos to do something awesome.
  • You will be but a mortal, not a god, in the hands of those who slay you. You're often dealing with an Immortal , Nigh Invulnerable , Physical God that can probably snuff the life out of you in an instant.
  • Combos : The combo system is similar to Mortal Kombat 3, complete with damage percent indicator.
  • This is the moment Vegeta made a god experience fear. How about knocking Goku Super Saiyan 3 out with two moves — one of which involves flicking him away?
  • Atlantean Gods The citadel, on the central island, contained the pal aces, temples, and other public buildings. Or the god was a force of nature, that cause sky to the rain, involve in change of season, etc.

The Titans, unfortunately are completely demoted into Fake Ultimate Deities as the gods despite being scared of them in the second game, are able to competely stomp the titans , whom despite having hints of magic previously shows no power beyond their size.

This even applies to the greater titans like Kronos and Gaia, the former is Kratos just moving around the body and pelting parts of his bodies one by one while the latter would have gotten killed many times if it weren't for Kratos's help.

By the time Kratos managed to escape from the underworld, only two titans out of the many managed to survive the initial struggle Perses and Gaia.

The mythical realm kissmanga

Base-Breaking Character : Kratos himself, noted under Alternative Character Interpretation , is this in later games where some of the fanbase still sympathizes with him while others feel he became far too unlikable a protagonist. Bile Fascination : Kratos' infamy as a cruel and heartless monster is a turn off for some, but for many, seeing just how far he can sink is fascinating incentive enough to dive into the hopeless black-depths of the Original Trilogy Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy : Kratos' villainous behavior can sometimes really make it hard to really care if he wins or loses.

It's not as though Kratos being in charge would be an improvement given how he acts. As it turns out, the game does manage to make them all lose, leaving the victimized humans as the ones left. Shame Kratos messed up the sun, sea, seasons, and sky before he died. The only consolation is that he decided to release Hope into the world, hope to give humanity a reason to continue on.

The ending slightly implies that the world can start getting back on its feet. The prequels and interquels, most especially Ascension and Ghost of Sparta, attempt to rectify this by humanizing Kratos more.

Divine Conflict

YMMV on how well that works since in the latter his actions are still worse than the game's supposed Big Bad. Demonic Spiders : The Satyrs are practically impossible to stagger, meaning you spend more time dodging their attacks than countering. If you grab them, it initiates a button-mashing grapple for the satyr's staff, which would be well and good except there's usually two of them per fight, and they show blatant disregard for the rules of Mook Chivalry.

There are several of these in the PSP version - or perhaps they just get introduced into gameplay more quickly. The worst ones are guys who are Dual Wielding : you can't block their attacks, they have five-second-long combos, and they always come in packs.

So: Dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, land one hit , Lather Rinse Repeat. Actually, if you're quick, you can stagger them out of their attack patterns, but if you miss that first dodge, it's them juggling you. Draco in Leather Pants : Kratos gets this a lot for his badassery.

And again, this is probably how Greek mythologies want us to react to the story. They have an entirely different concept for heroism from ours in modern days.

Zeus gets some of this since Kratos became so unlikable after the first game, and even though he was corrupted by the Evils from Pandora's Box , and the actions he had under its influence were still not as bad what Kratos does, it's still made clear that not everything he'd done was because of that, such what he did to Prometheus and Kratos' mother.

Goddamned Bats : Harpies. Fairly easy to kill on their own, but they tend to show up while you're fighting tougher enemies or bosses, and often disrupt your combos or distract you enough to get clobbered.

They also like to knock you off narrow beams. The satyrs in are a source of eternal frustration for many a player, thanks to their seemingly immaculate ability to dance away and smack you whenever you dare to contemplate hitting them. Wraiths and Harpies, especially after they've learned that Firebomb attack.

Their death animations are too perfect.

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It's like the designers came up with that first, then said "What attacks can we give them that will make the player want to do just that to them? Also, holdover features remain from when the game was in "test" phase, including invisible ledges, which can lead Sequence Breaking.

There are a whole bunch of gamers dedicated to finding and refining them in order to perform better speed runs. Guide Dang It!

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