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The Cricket in Times Square

I grew up in a family of bibliophiles, and was an avid reader from the start.


It was a true delight! With sketch illustrations by Garth Williams, this book is a childhood classic not to miss. The Story The story follows a cricket who unexpectedly finds himself away from his home in the meadows of Connecticut and in the Times Square subway station.

He quickly makes friends with a cat and mouse and the Bellini family who runs a newsstand in the subway station.

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His musical talents make him and the Bellinis famous, but Chester cricket learns an important lesson about happiness. My 4 year old and 6 year old both enjoyed this story immensely. The music flows through the chapters in a beautiful way, adding to each scene as we see how music can affect people in deep, profound ways.

I have a heart for beautiful music, and hope to pass on a love and appreciation of music to my children.

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I spent many years in band all the way through college and even played professionally at a theme park for a summer. As part of our homeschool , we study a different composer each term. Cricket In Times Square Music Playlist As we read the book and kept coming across great pieces of music or musical terms, I wanted a resource so that we could talk about those after each chapter.

I put together an Amazon prime playlist with pieces of music from the book that we listened to during the several weeks it took us to read the book together. I also put together some notes on some of the musical pieces and terminology that we explored.

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He learns to play variations of the theme without ever losing the rhythm of the waltz. The melody is the main part of a musical composition, in contrast with the supporting harmony and rhythm.

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Listen to the waltz and see if you can pick out the melody and hum it with your child. A waltz is a piece of music composed in a triple meter with a strong accent on the first beat.

Learning to recognize the rhythm of a waltz is wonderful fun for small children. Opera, as a genre of classical music, was new to my children.

The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden, Garth Williams

I introduced them to Luciano Pavarotti, an Italian opera singer who crossed over into popular music and eventually became one of the most commercially successful tenors of all time.

Chester determines that it is easier to play the arias written for tenors than the ones for sopranos, contralto, and basses. Voices can be classified based on a number of factors including vocal range.

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  • Buy Study Guide Summary The story begins with a mouse named Tucker sitting in an abandoned drainpipe in the Times Square subway station in New York City, watching a boy named Mario tending the newsstand that his father owns. Mario stayed late on Saturdays, keeping the newsstand open and hoping that business would get better even though it never did.
  • Tucker A mouse was looking at Mario. The mouse's name was Tucker, and he was sitting in the opening of an abandoned drain pipe in the subway station at Times Square.
  • Add your rating What's the story? Chester, a Connecticut field cricket, accidentally hitches a ride in a picnic basket to New York City, where a boy named Mario gives him a home at a failing Times Square newsstand.
  • Chester, a cricket, accidentally ends up at the subway station after jumping into a picnic basket to indulge in a sandwich.
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It was fun to listen to arias performed by different vocal talents:.

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