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We spoke to Stick Sports the people behind the upcoming sequel to the highly successful Stick Cricket franchise. And what crazy things are in the game this time? Well read below for all the Stick Cricket 2 answers you will need!

  • Stick Aussie Rules Stick Cricket Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in two, five, ten or twenty overs.
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  • The level to which the game was reviewed This review focuses on levels: App description Stick Cricket 2 is a sports gaming app that allows players to engage in rounds of cricket.
  • It will launch in India, and will be free and ad-supported.
  • While all the panelists had games in different niches and slightly different best practices on how to keep users engaged and earn revenue, they agreed that monetising the Indian customer base is a challenge.

Why did you decide to make a sequel after so many years of adding and improving Stick Cricket 1? Stick Cricket originally launched on iOS in December , so almost five years ago now.

In a fast-moving industry that seems like an eternity! We have added to it and improved it considerably over that time, but felt it was time to go back to the drawing board and start again.

World Cup Edition: Play Stick Cricket Games

Stick Cricket 2 footage What are the biggest features and modes in Stick Cricket 2? But the completely redone graphics, particularly animations, do make a huge difference. Stick Cricket Premier League is a separate app and will remain so.

  • Sep 11, 2 Minutes Three days to go! We are incredibly excited to announce that the Future8 Awards Games category will be sponsored by top sports game creators, Stick Sports!
  • Since the original, and brilliant, Stick Cricket release a whole host of games have been released touching on different sports. The latest in the franchise is the subject of this review, Stick Cricket Super League.
  • Tech Delights!
  • Stick Cricket[ edit ] Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in two, five, ten or twenty overs.
  • Stick Cricket Cheat Codes: Submitted by: RM Hidden teams: Click on the commentator's nose the person on screen after every over to unlock more teams.
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We have big plans for that too! Stick Cricket 2 Footage Will Stick Cricket 2 have the same fun, addictive, simple controls and mechanics or will the new version be a lot more in depth and complex?

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This means you can play in portrait one-handed on the train, for example or landscape at your desk while the boss is out of the office , switching between the two seamlessly.

Will players be able to Bowl or Field in the game or is it purely batting?

Stick Cricket 2: Q and A

We tossed around a bunch of ideas regarding bowling and fielding but, in the end, we agreed that the beauty of Stick Cricket is its simplicity. Stick Cricket 2 Footage Will there be any online or Co-op features if so what will they involve?

Are there any new animations and actions from the batsmen and bowlers? We used motion capture technology to improve exponentially this aspect of the game, as well as adding a range of brand new shots — including some of the more unorthodox shots that have become commonplace in limited overs games in recent years.

What customization options will be available for players eg. Stick Cricket 2 Footage Will the game continue to get updated with new features and modes after release and what further things will you be doing to support the game?

Yes, of course. Then you get the opportunity to represent your country in the International tier. We plan to add more tiers later this year.

'Indianising' Stick Cricket, With Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma

Should we expect to see more sequels with such massive improvements for other Stick Sports games or is this a one off? When can fans expect to play the game and at what price?

It will be free to download, with optional In-App Purchases. What platforms will the game be coming to?

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The launch date is March So Stick Cricket 2 will be a brand new experience while sticking to the same smash formula. With plenty of improvements and changes to keep fans coming back.

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