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Frequently asked questions What is Kayo? Kayo is the proudly Australian game-changing sports streaming service created to give you the ultimate way to get closer to the sports you love.

Following Corsham CC Live scores on PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet

What is available in the app What are the various sections in the App? Everything that you need to watch! No worries. Get live TV on your fingertips so you never miss any ongoing action.

Also, catch up on most of your missed TV shows from previous 7 days anytime and anywhere. Watchlist: Keep all your favourite shows and channels here, and access them quickly. Who can use the Tata Sky Mobile App?

OR How do I log in to the App? Now you are ready to view the content of your choice. We will send a temporary password to you on your registered email and mobile number which you can use to login and reset your password.

On how many devices can I use the Tata Sky Mobile app? You can login to the app from a maximum of 10 devices. Can I login using more than 10 devices?

how to watch live sports on my tablet

Yes, you can do so only after deleting the devices that you no longer use from the Device Management option in the app. I am not a Tata Sky subscriber can I still access the service? You can view certain free content such as movie trailers, however you need to be an active Tata Sky subscriber to access the Live TV and On Demand videos.

You need to be in India to be able to use the Tata Sky Mobile services. Tata Sky provides services only within the territory of India. General app related questions How do I see the schedule of a channel?

To see the schedule of a channel you should select a channel in Live TV section and then select 'Schedule' option. You can see the schedule for the next 3 days and previous 7 days. Who can set programmes for record?

How do I set a programme for remote recording?

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In Live TV section, select the programme from a channel you want to record and on the programme de tails page you will get an option to set it for record. Any other subscriber who tries to record will get a failure message.

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You can also set a series for recording from the app. How do I set a reminder for a programme? Reminders can be set for future programmes only. To set a reminder for a programme, tap on the programme name. You will be able to see the set reminder button.

Press the button to set a reminder. I am unable to access Live TV services? Your Tata Sky connection is in active state with sufficient funds in your account.

Why are all the channels not available on Live TV? Tata Sky always keeps expanding its offering of channels on the set top box. In a similar fashion, we will expand and bring more channels on Live TV soon.

I am not able to view certain channels on Live TV? You can only view those channels on Live TV which you have subscribed for viewing on the set-top box. To enjoy all the channels available on Live TV, you would need to subscribe the respective channels on your set-top box as well.

I have subscribed to a channel on the set-top box.

  • Until recently, the only way to watch cricket in India was on TV. More and more cricket lovers are turning to the Internet to keep up with their favourite teams and players, for good reason.
  • Especially, People of sub-continent are very crazy about it. The popularity of Cricket can be understood by observing that there is always international cricket happening in any part of the world.
  • You just need to have a good mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection to enjoy your favourite sports Leagues.
  • WhatsApp In most of the countries cricket considered to be a most important part of the life of some people with stunning 2. The admirers and viewers of cricket has seen tremendously increasing with the biggest show of cricket IPL , there is a huge following of cricket with the greatest excitement to enjoy watching live matches, by keeping huge viewership, demand for watching live cricket there are many mobile applications development companies across the world are catching the public interest offering a different kind of mobile applications mobile apps related to cricket, which allows cricket fans to follow the game live, without being interrupted to their daily work schedules.
  • Your device must have a good internet connection.

The broadcaster does not have the rights to stream this programme on mobile devices. The Live TV service on your device will resume once the next programme starts.

How can I see all the shows available for the day on a channel? You can select the schedule option on the channel detail page to see the schedule for the channel. Can I rewind shows on Live TV? You can rewind up to 15 minutes on Live TV. Can I change the video quality of the Live TV?

Yes, you can select any one of the following quality settings available under the settings option. These options are available on the video player as well.

Live Cricket Streaming on iPhone/iPad and Android. Cricket on

High — gives best quality as per your network speeds Medium — limits your video quality to medium even if your network speeds allow for better viewing quality to save data Low — limits your video quality to low even if your network speeds allow for better viewing quality to save data Auto — Adjusts as per the network bandwidth.

Tata Sky does not change the channel feed. You will be able to see the same feed on your set-top box and on your device. On Demand section What is On Demand? You can also view previous — 7 days catch up of your missed shows on your favourite channels.

How can I watch previous episodes or catch up on my favourite programs?

You can watch this in the other episodes on schedule of live channels, On Demand section of the app or you can also look for the episode in search.

Will previous episodes or shows be available for all channels? Previous episodes or Catch up shows will be available for most of the channels available on the app. Tata Sky keeps expanding its offering of channels on the set top box. Can I fast forward, pause or rewind videos?

You can fast forward, pause or rewind On Demand content. Just tap on the screen while viewing the video in full screen mode. Then drag on the progress bar to the position you wish to start viewing the video from. You can watch the video as many times as you wish.

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My Tata Sky section in the app is a self-care portal that gives you access and enables you to manage your Tata Sky account. You will require your password used with mytatasky. What if I do not remember the password for my subscriber id?

Do I get all the features and functionalities that are available on mytatasky. Yes, you get all functionalities as available on mytatasky.

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This includes Recharge, Pack changes, etc. What are the devices Tata Sky Mobile App will be available on? Currently the service is only for selected supported devices mentioned above.

I have Samsung S3 with version 4.

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