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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 1:08:42 PM

WhatsApp OnePlus never lags behind when it comes to customer satisfaction. Keeping the ongoing World Cup in view, OnePlus added the live feature called Cricket card to the Shelf dashboard to keep you updated with the live score of the ongoing matches and also you can schedule an alert to get notified when the match starts. This is a beta feature and will be available for all the users very soon. To get this you need to signup the beta version of OnePlus launcher or can wait for few days for the global release for all users. Features of new OnePlus Cricket Scores app plugin: Quick Access Add Cricket scores as first card in your Shelf for quickest access to live match scores and team updates!

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We know the power of vRealize Operations Manager that allows us to capture structured and unstructured data from literally any object in your datacenter, run smart analytics on this data and then produce meaningful output based on which you can take some intelligent decisions, which would help IT and ultimately your business.

While all this helps the IT organization to keep the lights on as well as drive new initiatives, I thought about using the same solution to bring in some fun in the daily life of an IT admin. Since I am a big fan of the game, I used vRealize Operations Manager to create a dashboard which would give me the insights into each game of cricket happening in this tournament.

This is how my dashboard looks like: This dashboard shows all the world cup matches fixtures along with the live score card and team information.

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Now, if you are a Discovery Channel Fan like me, the next question you would have is this… Well, to tell you the truth, this is as simple as this: 1. Give a name to your dashboard. Save the settings of the dashboard and you are done. Note: You must have internet connectivity on your vRealize Operations appliance for this website to open since its on the web.

Get Live Cricket Scores in Google Chrome Dashboard

Also, some browsers might not load this dashboard and give you a warning symbol on the address bar of the browser, which you are using to open the vRealize Operations product UI.

Just click on that warning symbol and allow the script to run. This will bring up the dashboard immediately.

With this example, I am just opening the possibilities of using vRealize Operations dashboards in a much more creative way to make operations management easier for an IT Admin.

I have used this technique to create custom dashboards for customers, which have helped them tremendously. Some of the use cases I can think of are: 1.

Not a Member Yet? Register Now Login Download Fantasy Cricket App Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill that allows you to form your own team and make your winning strategy.

With vRealize operations, the possibilities are endless. As always, do share your feedback and your stories around using this or a similar custom dashboard. Related Posts:.

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