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You can play India Vs Pakistan in your browser for free. India Vs Pakistan is a game with 11 levels. Nothing could be better than enjoying the moments in a rivalry cricket match made between the two countries? India and Pakistan. Every moment In India Vs Pakistan is filled up with full of excitement and joy.

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Cricket World Cup It is the most in-demand game of cricket ever played in England. Over half a million people have applied for tickets.

In the last match between the two in a world event, million watched. India-Pakistan is not merely the biggest fixture in cricket ; it has a fair claim to being the biggest in all of sport. Unlike the El Salvador and Honduras football teams, 50 years ago, an India-Pakistan cricket match has never been blamed for causing a war.

But, from a year hiatus between and , a period marked by two wars, to the rapprochement in the early s - the two countries played 31 games from - and the current paucity of matches, the fixture has doubled as a window into the political relations between India and Pakistan.

These have seldom been worse than today. Pakistani players have also been barred from the IPL. Forty Indian police were killed by a suicide attack in Pulwama in February, which was then followed by retaliatory Indian air strikes.

There were widespread calls for India to boycott playing Pakistan in the World Cup, while the Pakistan Cricket Board complained to the International Cricket Council when India wore army-style caps in a match against Australia in March.

The stakes are magnified further in the World Cup. Sixty thousand fans were evicted from Kolkata in after hurling stones and plastic bottles onto the ground in protest at an umpiring decision. Cricket Nerd Newsletter The game has historically been particularly tense for Muslims living in India.

In Indian-controlled Kashmir, which remains at the centre of India-Pakistani tensions, most Muslims are believed to support Pakistan in the game.

A Muslim fan was killed in Ahmedabad after rioting linked to the World Cup game in India and Pakistan fans mix together happily during the Champions Trophy match between India and Pakistan at Edgbaston in Credit: ap Mostly, relations between different supporters at the ground are excellent, with Indian and Pakistani fans intermingling happily.

They even did so in the World Cup in England, when the game coincided with the nations being at war.

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India and Pakistan fans enjoying the cricket Credit: reuters India and Pakistan fans enjoying the cricket Credit: pa Yet the relentless build-up to matches has shaped the character of the games. Often, fear of the consequences of defeat has enervated players.

As someone who grew up in the early-to-late 80s, I witnessed this fixture on a regular basis. With it being more frequent, people were more tolerant. The social-media age and the lack of games between the two nations have brought the worst out of some fans. But the build-up - what you see now in the digital world - it is huge.

What it is now, I think it is more. David Richardson, the outgoing ICC chief executive, has admitted to fixing the draw to ensure that India play Pakistan. Guaranteeing this fixture takes place has a sizeable impact on the value of the broadcasting rights that the ICC can generate.

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The great curiosity is that while Pakistan have been the superior side for most of the 67 years of this fixture, this has been inverted in the World Cup. There is a psychological factor, we are always on top of them.

It reinforced the sense that India against Pakistan is a match that operates in its own enclave, divorced from what governs cricket around it.

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