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Saturday, October 26, 2019 9:58:19 PM

From the voices to the stats, from the manned and static cameras to the graphics, sponsor reads, overlapping telecasts, the truck can be a madhouse of activity! Regardless of the role crew members play in the truck, producing a sports telecast is a difficult challenge. For fans at home, the experience is completely different. You invite a few friends over to watch it together and for the most part everyone enjoys the telecast for what it is and has a good time. One of your friends though consistently points out small oversights in the broadcast when they occur; an errant camera angle, an inane graphic or a missed replay opportunity.

However, they are going to be playing without star forward Zion Williamson for this game who injured his knee when he fell out of his broken shoe a play into the North Carolina game earlier this week.

He averages To put that in perspective, Williamson put up 35 points , 10 rebounds, four blocked shots, one steal, and one assist in the loss to Syracuse just over a month ago. In addition, he shots 12 of 20 from the field overall and made 10 of his 14 free throws.

Syracuse Basketball Vs Duke (Game 2): How to Watch and Listen

He controlled that game from start to finish for Duke, and Syracuse had no answer for him. So his loss will definitely be felt in this second matchup. Syracuse basketball and the Syracuse community are dealing with more emotions than just a missing player due to injury though. The news came out this week in regards to a tragic fatal car crash involving coach Jim Boeheim this week following the huge win versus Louisville Wednesday night.

Orange Watch: Breaking down the Syracuse basketball schedule

The Orange will have to look to put those emotions aside and come out strong and focused if they want to win against this talented Duke team a second time. This is pretty much what the Carrier Dome will look like a sea of Orange Saturday evening when the Orange bring 35, fans to watch them play against No.

syracuse basketball tv schedule 2018

So will the game be televised? ET , according to Syracuse. The game, as always, can also be heard online under the listen tab at Cuse.

For all other game details, check out the info below: Game Info.

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