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Tuesday was the first day programs could start the in-season practice schedule. With that, teams are now given up to 20 hours per week to utilize. First and foremost, though, he has his focus on preservation after his team was given 10 practices leading up to the Italy trip last month — as well as four games once they were over there. In recent weeks, the Illini have been participating in group skill workouts with the staff and working on strength and conditioning with Adam Fletcher. The team also held an open practice last Saturday at Ubben.

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Comment Kofi Cockburn is a freshman center that will be paving the way for Illinois Basketball this upcoming season. When you look at Oak Hill Academy VA varsity basketball roster many people by default think of Cole Anthony, the rising point guard star looking to lead the University of North Carolina in his freshman season and is rumored a potential NBA lottery pick.

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But you should not make this mistake of overlooking Illinois Basketball freshman Kofi Cockburn, because he is a force of energy waiting to be unleashed. Ranked as a four-star top recruit in the nation according to sports Kofi Cockburn and listed as the12th best in his position for his class by ESPN , he will be the driving power of this Fighting Illini team.

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That says a lot. Cockburn is an aggressive beast in the paint with a weight of pounds.

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He can overpower almost any defender in his way. With soft hands, quickness, and post moves he is able to finish at the rim on either side often drawing contact and still finishing.

Coming off a dismal record, the Fighting Illini have a lot to prove but they can prove it with Cockburn. The U of I has not succeeded past a. Kofi averaged But you can expect a lot of easy baskets coming his way.

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