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All Saint's Churcha Grade I listed building Central Kingston is a busy predominantly retail centre, with a small number of commercial offices and civic buildings. The shopping centre includes a shopping mall, " The Bentall Centre ", containing the Bentalls department store and large branches of chain stores found in many British high streets. There is a large branch of the John Lewis department store group, with a Waitrose supermarket in the basement.

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We're on the road to Rio!

Glen Wessex Ct, TAMPA, FL

Meet the seven young British athletes who Sportsmail will follow all the way to the Olympics in This is the typically pragmatic attitude of a young man who has had to deal with life in a very practical way. Born in Halifax and raised by mum Nicola as the middle of three brothers, Brown was never treated as anything other than normal: he grew up in a house where the only adaptation was a front door that had no steps leading up to it.

But it was this kind of environment that fostered his attitude of independence and self-reliance.

It was an outlook that was further developed at school. And that was much better.

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One year they put me in an upstairs classroom, and it took them about three weeks to realise it would be better for me downstairs. But I just got out the chair, left it at the bottom of the stairs and climbed up to class.

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It was normal. Club level: Brown right , with the Countess of Wessex, was born in Halifax but plays for Sheffield Steelers Football and rugby were both played at primary school, though things were complicated once the transition to secondary level was made — hitting a football with your hand is frowned upon at more senior levels.

But basketball provided salvation. He had cerebral palsy and he saw me going into the shop in my chair with her and suggested I try basketball.

Basketball fixtures in Surrey, Wiltshire, Bucks, Oxon, Berks, Hants

Granddad Geoff, who ferried his grandson to training in his younger days, frequently travels to watch games while brothers Jack and Joe play wheelchair basketball themselves, despite being able-bodied.

Jack used to hold me out the window so I could throw it and Mum would go mad. So I was bouncing up to the basket in my chair and dunking it in. Brown arrives for his interview with a severely swollen hand - cause unknown - and words are delivered through a rather conspicuous gap where front teeth once sat.

Brown missed out on a place in the Team GB side at London and was instead watching from the stands.

Kestrel Autumn by King Edward's Witley

This is something he is determined will not happen again. Winning the European Championships last July was a good start.

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We beat Turkey in the final and it was definitely the biggest match of my career. If I make the team for the Worlds later this year and the Europeans again after that, then it gives me a pretty good chance.

I definitely think we can.

Wessex Basketball competitions in Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxon, Berks

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