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Monday, September 16, 2019 12:32:54 PM

Online tickets: www. Streaming: School Space Media will livestream the entire tournament. There is no charge for viewing. Find the stream at www. News media credentials: A news media credential is required to cover this event.

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Basketball The goal of the Franklin Lakes Recreation Basketball program is to provide an opportunity for all children of Franklin Lakes to learn some basketball skills, have some fun with their friends and classmates, and to teach good sportsmanship.

It is important to remember that the same rules that apply during school hours also apply to us when we are playing basketball in the gym. We have had issues in the past and thus we are asking that parents ENSURE that their children are not playing in the hallways or on the stages, while games are going on.

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There is to be no ball bouncing off the walls or ceilings and absolutely no touching of anything taped or stapled to a wall or bulletin boards.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of the gym space and affect all players in the league. In order to become one of the ten members of a team, you must receive an evaluation score reflecting a top ten placement. If a grade level has less that 10 children tryout, an additional tryout will be scheduled in hopes of having at least 10 players.

However, all children must meet a minimum evaluation score to become a member, if ten children do meet these criteria, that grade level will not have a team. The minimum evaluation threshold will be determined by a systematic grading matrix. Click here for the girls travel league information.

No food in the gyms. No unsupervised children are allowed in the hallways, on stages, or bathrooms. It has been a recurring problem in the past and we must insist that parents supervise their children closely. Failure to follow this particular rule will result in a loss of gym space for the recreational basketball program.

Parents or guardians of young players must be present during games — do not drop off your child and leave them alone in the gym.

Players and Parents Conduct When your child signed up for recreational basketball, all parents have agreed to the recreation departments Code of Conduct. This is a recreational basketball league and is not intended to be a highly competitive situation.

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Coaches are the only ones that should talk with the referees and that should always be done in a calm and respectful manner. Subsequent poor behavior may result in game suspension s. The score of the game should not be over-emphasized. Of course everyone tries to win every game, but not at all costs.

Good sportsmanship takes priority over winning or losing a game. Do not run up the score on a weaker opponent.

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We do not want any team winning by 20 or more points. If your team is winning by 10 - 20 points, the coach should be doing the following things: Play those kids that have gotten less playing time in the past and rest your better players within the rules of playing time parameters.

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Back off on defense. Play a soft zone defense and advise your players to not block shots or steal the ball from your opponent. Give your opponent an opportunity to shoot the ball. Tell your team to make at least 3 passes before shooting.

Snow Policies If schools are closed or lets out early due to snow conditions or forecasts, ALL after school activities will be cancelled. Please watch the Rec website for details. If it begins to snow while games are going on, the Custodian may cancel the activity and close the school.

If a game or practice is cancelled, we will attempt to re-schedule the activity if there is available gym time. Important Links.

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