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Sunday, September 29, 2019 8:16:31 PM

They wrapped up the California Classic with one win in three games and plenty of valuable experience gained for their young players. Now the Kings head to Las Vegas for their annual event. All 30 teams are attending this year, so expect plenty of fireworks.

3 Things to Watch During the Phoenix Suns Preseason

By: Jorge Sierra October 25, Suns forward Alan Williams is having a bit more off time than usual these days while he recovers from injury after a strong season that was rewarded by the Suns with a nice deal. He used some of it to talk shop with HoopsHype while watching a not very entertaining Knicks-Celtics game.

Would you be watching Knicks-Celtics if we were not doing this? Porzingis is one of my favorite players to watch!

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He goes to the All-Star Game this year, right? AW: No doubt. What about the Celtics? Which of their young guys are you most excited about? AW: Jaylen Brown for sure.

Brown over Jayson Tatum? I think they can co-exist and be great together. They complement each other well.

Tatum is going to play even more than expected this season after the Hayward injury. Were you watching when it happened?

Watch Nuggets vs Suns Basketball Suns live streami

It was deflating. All the excitement that comes with opening night was gone.

Orlando Magic vs. Phoenix Suns

So devastating. I felt so terrible for him, immediately started praying. Awful thing to watch, but a nice takeaway from those situations is witnessing how NBA players react as a brotherhood when of theirs goes down like that.

Just started light walking for the first time in four weeks. Would you agree? Two years ago you were undrafted and headed to China.

Inside The W: Looking Ahead Pundits and fans alike were writing this team off before it had played a single regular-season minute, as ESPN's Marc Stein pointed out via Twitter. Fast-forward to late January, and the Suns hold the No.

Now you have a pretty good contract in the NBA. Been through a lot to be where I am today and wanting to stay and improve is what drives me every day.

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How was signing that sweet multi-year NBA deal last summer? Was it better than signing your first contract with the Suns? Your boy Jaylen has scored 13 points in the first quarter, by the way.

AW: It was crazy. One of my best basketball-related memories for sure, not only financially but the fact I got to stay where I wanted to be in my hometown was really dope.

AW: Not at all. I embrace it.

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I love the fact that I get to go out there and play for my city every night. I was surprised to see your mom is actually the police chief of the city.

First woman to get the job too.

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How about that? Do I get you in trouble if I ask you about Sheriff Arpaio? Is that the biggest downside of NBA life, that you are going to miss big things like that from time to time because of the demanding schedule?

My family and friends are understanding about how much time my job consumes. Plus the perks are nice too. Wow, you get it free? What other freebies do you get as an NBA player that we may not know of? AW: The video games we are in. We can usually request copies, which is really dope.

How did you like your NBA 2K rating this year? AW: I think it was pretty fair. We had an article on HoopsHype a few weeks ago about how seriously some NBA guys took their rating in the game.

Some were really pissed off about it. Do you know any case? I do know Devin liked his rating for sure. Going back to the police thing. Or not a consideration at all? What was Plan B for you? I love to talk about and watch sports, coaching or scouting maybe. But it never got to that point.

This is not much of a game, huh? Thought NYK would be a bit more competitive.

Through the years, the team has had some struggles. If you are a Suns fan, you may have heard some of those names before.

Are they the biggest threat to Cavs in the East even after the Hayward injury?

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