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It's not as hopelessly unpredictable as Loyola-Chicago getting this far as a No. That's the beauty of this chaotic tournament, though. By the time the field was whittled down to the Sweet 16, it was impossible to dream up a Final Four scenario that would be lacking in intrigue. And as it turns out, we have three programs that have never played in a national championship game before and a fourth Michigan State from a major conference that hasn't won it all since As those teams prepare to make history in Minneapolis next weekend, here's your full breakdown of the Final Four.

NCAA Tournament: March Madness News, Schedule, Scores

Pinterest March Madness is more popular than ever, but not necessarily because the sport as a whole is thriving.

The NCAA grudgingly admits that attendance at regular season games dipped for the eighth straight year. There are nearly as many theories about why ratings and ticket sales are declining as there are commentators.

How to Watch NCAA March Madness Live Online Outside USA

The expansion of NBA teams to areas that were once bastions of college basketball, the continuing recession and lack of disposable income for college students, and increased competition from other professional sports during the college season are likely factors.

To say nothing of increased ticket prices.

  • There was no shortage of compelling storylines for sports fans to engage with.
  • On Saturday, college basketball fans will be treated to a somewhat unexpected Final Four. While No.
  • Teams playing in Des Moines will be announced at 5 p.
  • Entertainment March is a time when names are made, hearts are broken and dreams of even the smallest collegiate participant can come true.
  • March 16, Oshkosh closes door on unfinished business The UW-Oshkosh Titans finished one step short of a national title last season, but under interim coach Matt Lewis, the unfinished business was wrapped up with a win over Swarthmore. More in a feature by Ryan Scott.

The numbers are staggering. How did the NCAA become the caretaker of this massive infusion of cash? The NIT was weakened, though, by the betting scandal in which numerous players were found to have taken money for shaving points or even, in a few examples, having thrown games altogether.

The action begins on March Here are my picks for the best March Madness iPad and iPhone apps.

Until the s, the two organizations constantly quarreled, with the NCAA pressuring its conference winners to appear only in their tournament. In , though, the NCAA came into the dominant position by raising the number of participant schools to 64 now 68 and corralling enough money in the national TV contracts to pay everyone.

What no one has yet been able to calculate is whether or not those checks will make up for lost revenues as overall interest in college basketball declines.

Amazon Prime says NCAA Basketball Championship caused fewest amount of streams in

Whether it has done well by the game is more doubtful.

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