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Season 5 16 full episodes Episode 16 - Reunion 3 years ago Tami and Duffey get together for the first time since their rooftop struggle; Jackie tries to defend her actions; and Angel Love and Brandi duel.

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Later, Shaunie makes an announcement about her romantic future. Episode 15 - Episode 15 3 years ago In the season 5 finale, Jackie has to decide whether Tami or Duffey is allowed to remain on the trip following their altercation; and pregnancy-test results could alter everything for Tami.

Later, Doug surprises Jackie with a perfect wedding in Portugal. Episode 14 - Episode 14 3 years ago The gals explore Portugal and want to relax, but Tami and Duffey's bad feelings have everyone on edge.

Later, Jackie worries about the worst when she can't get a hold of Doug; and Tami finally approaches Duffey in a dramatic confrontation. Episode 13 - Episode 13 3 years ago As the ladies get ready for their trip to Portugal, Malaysia attempts to establish peace between Tami and Duffey.

Soon after her arrival, Duffey has second thoughts about her decision to come on the trip. Episode 12 - Episode 12 3 years ago Malaysia is pushed to her limits when Jackie requests that she be by her side during a very personal weight loss procedure.

Doug takes Jackie on a romantic date and reveals a huge surprise. Episode 11 - Episode 11 3 years ago Jackie asks Malaysia to accompany her on the day of her weight-loss procedure.

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Later, Duffey apologizes to Tami's daughter; and Doug takes Jackie on a date, where he reveals a surprise. Episode 10 - Episode 10 3 years ago Tami fires Duffey from her daughter's music video. Tami is desperate to finish her daughter's music video in time for the release party.

Episode 9 - Episode 9 3 years ago Jackie's violent actions at Angel Brinks' anniversary celebration stirs up tension between her and the Angels. Later, Brandi and Duffey prepare a Dallas-themed barbecue; and Tami approaches Duffey about her daughter's music video.

Episode 8 - Episode 8 3 years ago Angel Brinks puts on a star-studded anniversary celebration for her clothing line.

Later, Tami and Reggie consult a fertility doctor; and Jackie seeks wisdom from an energy healer. Episode 7 - Episode 7 3 years ago Angel Brinks organizes an anniversary celebration for her clothing line, but chaos begins when Jackie becomes involved.

Later, Tami and Duffey attempt to work together on Jazz's music video; and Jackie's devastated after she finds out Doug's moving for a coaching job. Later, Duffey volunteers to direct a music video for Tami's daughter; and Jackie's attempt to arbitrate Duffey and Angel Love's argument only makes matters worse.

Episode 5 - Episode 5 3 years ago Malaysia invites the gals on a peacemaking journey to Big Bear Lake. Later, Shaunie and Brandi make amends; and Angel Brinks gets mad after her relationship with her child's dad is disputed.

Episode 4 - Episode 4 3 years ago Angel Brinks' launch celebration carries on as tensions rise. Later, Duffey developes respect for Malaysia when she shows up in sweatpants to defend Brandi; and Jackie persuades Shaunie and Brandi to meet each other.

Episode 3 - Episode 3 3 years ago Brandi justifies Malaysia's behavior to "sister" Duffey.

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Malaysia and Angel Brinks attempt to reconcile. Angel Brinks holds a launch party for her clothing line, but drama between Brandi and Angel Love could ruin the event.

Later, Brandi's ex comes back from China with hopes of rekindling their romance; and Jackie surprises Doug with a new condo. Episode 1 - Episode 1 3 years ago In the season 5 premier, Doug gets a new job offer; Brandi is uneasy about going back to L.

Season 4 13 full episodes Episode 13 - Reunion 4 years ago Mehgan reveals something she found online to the ladies and they are surprised; Tami and Brandi fight over Draya; and Shaunie and Brandi get together again. Episode 12 - Episode 12 4 years ago In the season finale, Mahgan and Angel's fight reaches new heights; Tami and Shaunie are challenged by Brandi and Malaysia; and Brandi puts herself in danger when she uses the wrong words.

Episode 11 - Episode 11 4 years ago Angel attempts to make herself look better; Jackie and Malaysia try to fix their friendship; Mehgan and Angel can't get along.

Episode 10 - Episode 10 4 years ago Malaysia kicks Jackie out of her bedding-line launch party because of her underhanded comments. Shaunie invites the girls to the launch of her son's clothing line and hopes to bring some resolve to the group now that Draya is gone.

Episode 9 - Episode 9 Episode 8 - Episode 8 4 years ago When Draya lets her mouth run, she jeopardizes her friendships.

Brandi and husband Jason try to reconcile their differences in couples therapy, but have Jason's actions caused too much damage to Brandi's heart? Episode 7 - Episode 7 4 years ago Brandi and Mehgan connect over their hatred of crazy Jackie, and Mehgan seeks revenge for getting spit on.

Episode 6 - Episode 6 4 years ago Mehgan questions Jackie's loyalty. Patrice discusses the challenges of having a mixed family and her hopes of adopting her husband's son. Episode 5 - Episode 5 4 years ago It's time for a weekend away in Santa Barbara and at a pre-party lunch, Jackie lets loose with every drink she can get her hands on.

Draya gets the side eye when she introduces her "real" friend, Angel, to the group.

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Episode 4 - Episode 4 Mehgan finds out what Draya is saying behind her back. Episode 3 - Episode 3 Malaysia meets with Jackie to discuss their issues. Episode 2 - Episode 2 4 years ago Draya pushes an emotionally ravaged Malaysia to her breaking point and tension erupts between the besties.

Episode 1 - Episode 1 4 years ago In the fourth season premiere, Jackie is determined to find a way back into the group's good graces. At Draya's 1st ever fashion show, new girl Mehgan introduces herself; but Draya, Brandi and Malaysia are skeptical since they know she's friends with Jackie.

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