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One of them punched in a code and placed a hand on a handprint scanner. The door unlocked and they walked in. Smith Center.

It especially matters when you have a bunch of emotionally charged, chemically enhanced co-eds painted every color of the rainbow yelling invectives at an equally young man shooting a free throw. A loud court makes it impossible to communicate. The following courts are the loudest, biggest, baddest, meanest venues to visit.

Official Athletics Page of the Charlotte 49ers

Bring your ear plugs. But for the most part the students are civil and often downright clever with their chants. Not so on the Beltway, when the Maryland Terrapins play host.

Not only is it loud, but the violence of the vocals makes it about as inviting as a swim among piranhas. In an interview with Yahoo! So I'd have to say Maryland.

Their fans are great, but they have no filter. That's what makes it special and that's why players hate playing there. Duke fans come up with different things and they're really, really clever. But at Maryland, they do whatever it takes to get you off your game.

Many sell-out arenas will average about the same noise level, but vitriol adds an extra slice to the tympanic membrane, and now they take that venom from the ACC to the Big It was the final conference game between the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels.

UNC investigation: Athletes pushed into fake classes by counselors

That team, led by Sean May, erased a nine-point deficit in the final three minutes. Former Kentucky guard John Wall elicited a They put the "wild" in Wildcats. At least it gets those dag nab bit iGoogle Crapple Twitterbooks out of their hands.

The HURD elicit fear into the psyches of its opponents. Take the late Rick Majerus, who coached all over the country, lastly at St. I've been to Duke.

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I've been to the Pit. I've been to Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Arizona and around the country. I know the dynamic may change since it's Utah-Utah State. It's not mean-spirited, it's not like you're going to get hit with a hot dog or anything.

I went to Oakland Raider games. Utah State has an Oakland Raider mentality without the knives and guns. The Aggies finished at home a year ago and much of that can be credited to this loud and verbally abusive venue. It is loud, so much so that it agitates the marrow buried deep within.

They know how loud those can be.

Remembering ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott And His North Carolina Connection

Enter the Iowa State Cyclones. You know a team of this sort is loud when a noted college basketball announcer says it's every bit as loud as an ACC arena. So yes, the midwest knows its noise.

It got so loud that some of the lights broke. On top of that, there are no air conditioning units in the building, no white-noise humming in the background.

  • He was 49 years old.
  • Luther H. Hodges, a UNC graduate, but they paused to answer the call.
  • He couldn't read or write. What do you do with that?
  • This is done to demonstrate to you, the viewer, that Mike Shaw had once been a Big Deal. It might as well have been a CGI image from one of those Avengers movies.
  • With an emphasis on innovation, the ACCN utilizes state of the art production studios, cameras, and other breakthrough technologies to bring fans and partners unprecedented access to the biggest news, stories, games and events across the conference.
  • USATSI Academic counselors in North Carolina 's athletic department pushed athletes into a system of fraudulent, no-show classes that was used to keep players eligible, a new investigative report released Wednesday shows. North Carolina athletes comprise 4 percent of the university student body.

What does that mean? It means every orange-clad, snow-loving student gets every chance to optimize the strength of his or her vocal cords.

The airlock doors They put spells on opponents. Good luck inbounding the ball with dozens of blue extended wiggling fingers casting a hex on you.

But is it a tough section to play in front of? David Aldridge writes on Duke Report. The Crazies were issued a gag order of sorts as they were told from the powers that be to clean up the chants. That makes Duke tough and loud, but not the toughest and loudest though one man likened the crowd to that of a jet engine.

In a video released by NCAA. Screaming, because Kansas fans once hit on the decibel thingamajig. Facebook Logo.

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