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Saturday, October 5, 2019 11:20:53 PM

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The s witnessed a tremendous growth in sportscasting across the country, and Sullivan, a seventeen year old from Winchester, Kentucky, entered the field when it was still a novel occupation that was paving new roads for broadcast reporting.

Alan Sullivan is a healthcare architect. What an absorbing tribute this is to this man who in his prime was a legendary figure in broadcasting a trio of sports within a geographical region that extends several hundred miles.

The author meticulously researched the details of the UK sports covered by his father and skillfully uses oral history interviews to provide insightful and entertaining stories. He was correct. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration?

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In either case these men who knew him and those of us who listened and worked with him knew he was a man of extreme talent. Before television he was the eyes of the fan. He made you hear every crack of the helmet, bounce of the ball, feel the temperature and the wind in the air, hear the squeak of the shoes, smell the sweat of the game.

Without being a 'homer,' with his special use of the English language you knew who he was for.

Kentucky basketball: How to watch Blue

I think Claude was kind of the model. Claude Sullivan taught me one thing and that was "everything in life is based on preparation because if you prepare, you will succeed.

Television was still in its infancy, and the radio play-by-play man was the ultimate communicator; painting a word picture as the action unfolded. None was better than Claude Sullivan, a true wordsmith, who brought the scene to life.

I am certain that my own broadcasting style has been greatly influenced by those early years of listening to Claude Sullivan and Cawood Ledford. Any Wildcat fan who has been enthralled by the vivid descriptions of great moments in UK sports will enjoy the story of Claude Sullivan, lovingly told by his son Alan.

His insightful and colorful broadcasts of Kentucky Basketball and Football games created a fan base that has become the 'Big Blue Nation. It was such a tragedy his life was cut short because Claude was truly the original 'Voice of the Wildcats.

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