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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 10:23:20 PM

With its win over Kansas City on March 13, Utah Valley has broken the school record for wins in a season at The team surpassed last season's win total of It marks the first time in school history that the team has won plus games in back-to-back seasons.

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Our mission is to collect, share and preserve the narratives of people in our community - of our lives; of people from all walks of life. A free public service, VOICES travels throughout the West Michigan region to encourage neighbors, friends and family to tell their stories - the narratives that make us human - of our lives, experiences, sorrows, triumphs and tragedies.

We all benefit from knowing each other's background; the shared bond that helps us build community. VOICES offers a comfortable, mobile video recording studio—a renovated Airstream trailer - with a relaxed atmosphere, and utilizes high-tech video and audio equipment to capture the narratives for posterity.

Conversations usually take place between two people who know and care about each other.

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These can be friends, family, or mere acquaintances. Any topic may be explored, whether a specific event in a person's life, a childhood memory, a family tragedy - no subject is off limits.

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VOICES is not an interview - it is a conversation between you and a loved one, a colleague, a friend, or a mentor about your life, your successes, your failures, your wisdom. The person you bring with you will be part of the conversation.

Are the live broadcasts available for archived viewing?

You will both be recorded on-camera - the conversation between the two of you will be preserved for all time. Visit wktvvoices.

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