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Saturday, January 4, 2020 3:10:49 AM


Texas A&M vs Marquette Women's Basketball Game Summary

Preview Carmen's Crew comes into Tuesday's title tilt off one of the more notable upsets in the history of the tournament.

  • This included two wins over Marquette by ten and three points.
  • Powell scored 29 points in the first half to set a Big East Tournament record and lead Seton Hall to a victory against Georgetown in the quarterfinals Thursday night.
  • Villanova is against Big East opponents this season and has won their last 11 games in a row, but Marquette will hope to prove their superior ranking is justified with a home win at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. This included two wins over Marquette by ten and three points.
  • Comment After a pair of strange losses on Wednesday night, Big East rivals Georgetown and Marquette will look to end the regular season on a winning note.
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The group coached by former Ohio State Buckeye star Jared Sullinger ended the game winning streak put together by Overseas Elite, who won the previous four tournaments. David Lighty, Jon Diebler, William Buford and Jeff Gibbs all hit double digits in the scoring column while limiting their opponents to a pair of plus point scorers.

Craft, who was one of the most polarizing figures in college basketball during his time at Ohio State due to his tenacity on both ends of the hardwood, is the defensive key for Carmen's Crew. This guy's hustle is next level. If Craft continues to play at a high level defensively, he will help his teammates earn a chance to create separation on the scoreboard.

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Even if Craft plays well in the backcourt, Carmen's Crew needs to find a way to get stops down low against Elgin Cook, who had 21 points and 10 rebounds in Golden Eagles' win over Team Hines. The year-old is one of the few players on both rosters who did not attend Ohio State or Marquette: He spent his collegiate basketball experience at Oregon.

Buford and Gibbs will be two of the Carmen's Crew players tasked with limiting Cook's impact on the boards. On Sunday, all five of Carmen's Crew starters recorded at least four rebounds, which suggests the effort on the glass will be by committee, instead of one man handling Cook.

Diener, 37, has come off the bench to hit a few key shots for Golden Eagles, and he could be the X-factor Tuesday if he is able to knock down some clutch three-pointers.

Acker and Buycks are coming off double-digit showings versus Team Hines, while Wilson chipped in with eight points and 13 rebounds. Most of the game will follow regulation basketball rules, but the final four minutes will be determined by the Elam Ending.

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During the first dead-ball situation under four minutes in the final period, the clock will turn off and a target score will be set. Once that stoppage occurs, the target number will be determined by adding seven points to the winning team's current score.

The first team to reach the determined number will come away with the victory and The Basketball Tournament championship.

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