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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 3:55:06 AM


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Sacramento recently came close to losing their only major sports team with the National Basketball Association keen to move a franchise to Seattle.

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After prolonged negotiations, the Sacramento Kings agreed to build a new arena in the heart of the city and leave behind their soulless former Sleep Train Arena home out in the suburbs next to the airport. Tech mogul and Indian-American businessman Vivek Ranadive left the Warriors to purchase the team and promise the new arena to keep the team in Sacramento.

The new arena opened a year ahead of schedule and has received acclaim from all over the world.


American media have hailed the arena while sports teams, including some Premier League clubs, have paid a visit to Sacramento to see what makes it so special. That accounts for about 15 per cent of the energy used, but the other 85 per cent comes from a solar farm 30 minutes away.

For seven Sacramento Kings home games this year the doors have been open, taking advantage of the California climate. At just , square feet the building is considerably smaller than other arenas and brings those in the stands closer to the court.

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In terms of technology, the free Wi-Fi in the arena can handle half a million Snapchats or , Instagram posts a second. Around 90 per cent of the food sold at the arena is sourced from within miles of Sacramento including wine from Napa Valley and local beer Sierra Nevada on display.

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It's a really nice building. It shows the commitment of the area and that they want this to be a big deal.

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