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Tuesday, January 21, 2020 6:47:10 AM

Channel 34 Okc Schedule So what is a person supposed to do? Watch TV through Yidio. TV Channels TV your way.

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The teams tied in total yardage at but Cal's turnover proved to be the difference. Smith has the team bought in The Utah game was a disaster and previous Beaver teams would have let it affect them for weeks to come. Not this team. Both games were a week after a demoralizing loss and Oregon State came ready to play.

From the beginning, Oregon State seemed to have more intensity in their play and slowly took control of the game.

Then, in the second half Cal took the lead and held it until late. The resilience shown in the second half showcased the grit of this team.

Then on defense, redshirt sophomore cornerback Jaydon Grant intercepted a Cal quarterback Spencer Brasch to get the ball back and finish the game.

A unit that used to be a laughing stock has now put together an impressive first half against Cal. A defensive possession that sticks out was when Cal had a 2nd and 1 on their opening drive, and then got tackled behind the line of scrimmage the next three plays.

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It not only gave the offense back the ball, but it set the tone for the day, but then the Golden Bears answered. Oregon State Beavers in action against Cal, follow us on social for live updates Oregon State Beavers in action against Cal, follow us on social for live updates By Dylan Mickanen October 19, AM Last weekend may have gone poorly for the Beavers, but they are back in action ready to redeem themselves.

The game kicks off at am and you can follow along on social. Sandberg with a big play in the Cal backfield and we'll take over in our territory.

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No score 5 minutes into play in Berkeley. Our play drive is capped by this 7-yard TD pass from Luton to Pierce. Luton to Hodgins for the 15th time at Oregon State and it will give us a lead with left in the first half.

Get the turnover chainsaw! First INT of Grant's career. In , the California Golden Bears were ranked No.

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Heading into halftime, No. But the Beavers knew that as well. Cal had the ball in the redzone down just 3 points with 14 seconds left and no timeouts left. Quarterback Kevin Riley scrambled past the line of scrimmage and was tackled in bounds allowing the clock to run out before a field goal could tie the game.

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  • Texas Tech fends off Oklahoma State to take Game 1,

The Beavers would go on to win five of their last six games to finish the season ranked No. Completely contrasting the Beavers, Cal would only win one more game the rest of the regular season and finish the season unranked.

This matchup was the third of an eventual eight weeks in a row the AP 2 team lost. The Beavers return to Berkeley 12 years later this Saturday and look to recapture some of that magic. The Chiefs converted but lost Mahomes in the process.

In the pile of bodies, Mahomes got his leg twisted up under him and the result was a dislocated knee cap. Moore had attempted just one pass all season, but now had to lead to Chiefs to victory on the road - he did just that.

Matt Moore throws his first TD since as he finds cheetah for the yard score!

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