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At the start of the season, on November 12, Young recorded 15 points, 10 assists, and 6 rebounds in a win over University of Nebraska Omaha. Three days after his college debut, Young recorded 22 points and a then season-high 13 assists in a win over Ball State University. On November 26, Young recorded a season-high 43 points and 7 assists in a 90—80 win over the Oregon Ducks.

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Oklahoma teen wrestlers charged with raping youths Story highlights Defense attorney withholding comment until after he can watch evidence video on Wednesday Alleged assaults happened on a bus while teens were returning from a wrestling tournament The minors and an year-old restrained and digitally penetrated the victims, court documents say CNN Four Norman, Oklahoma, high school wrestlers have been charged with felony rape for allegedly assaulting a year-old and a year-old, according to court documents CNN obtained Tuesday.

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Tanner Shane Shipman, 18, and three minors -- two who are 17 and one who is 16 -- are charged with raping the two victims on a school bus on January 9 while their Norman North High School wrestling team was returning home from a tournament in Pauls Valley.

The district attorney viewed audio and video from the bus before charging the students.

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Talley said he and other attorneys will get a chance to view the video on Wednesday and won't comment on the case until then. Elton Jenkins, an attorney for one of the minors, said the other three defendants also bonded out.

Read More "We're fighting this," he said.

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Court documents say that soon after the bus left, Shipman helped the others restrain a year-old wrestler under the seats at the back of the bus.

Two of the accused allegedly inserted their fingers into the victim's anus over his clothing.

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Shipman forced the teen victim's hand onto his crotch and shouted, "Touch my balls! Shipman allegedly grabbed the victim and dragged him to the back of the bus. Soon afterward, the bus driver activated the interior lights and escorted the victim back to his seat, the documents say.

  • WSSU fell victim to a fiverun second inning by Catawba and never recovered, losing the game 72 to the private school from nearby Salisbury.
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  • In addition during that time period, Wake Forest is against all in-state opponents.
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  • Anchored by a cutting-edge arena, the UNP Entertainment District is a public-private partnership benefitting the community, the University of Oklahoma and the city of Norman. This blend of entertainment, retail, dining, living and office space will be unique to Norman, and the state of Oklahoma.
  • That initially resulted in a selection of —almost eight per game! Among them are step-back threes from NBA range with only a sliver of room, hair-trigger pull-ups from even farther, absurd full-speed floaters released over defenders who haven't yet realized he's even raised the ball to shoot.

Once the lights were turned back off, the alleged victim was persuaded to come to the back of the bus. One accused teen allegedly then restrained the victim, while another put a condom over the fingers of one hand and inserted his fingers into the year-old's anus, over his clothing, the documents say.

When the bus arrived at Norman North High, the year-old victim was assaulted a second time, the indictment says, as Shipman and the others forced the boy to a secluded area around the corner of the school building.

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The year-old was restrained while Shipman and another accused teen again inserted fingers into the year-old's anus, the court documents say.

The boy escaped, but Shipman and the others chased after him, the documents say, and Shipman tackled the young victim, forcing the boy between two parked cars. The alleged assault ended when the victim's parent arrived at the parking lot.

We were fortunate enough to do our job.

School district statements Dr. Joseph Siano, superintendent of Norman Public Schools, first issued a statement saying officials followed procedures that allowed them to investigate and take swift action.

We are well-prepared to handle situations like this and have programs in place to support students who experience trauma," the statement read. As we address the inappropriate behavior displayed by several students, we remain committed to supporting the vast majority of our student athletes, who are quality individuals that demonstrate positive behavior and strong character traits.

Siano said officials have worked to strengthen travel procedures and now require increased supervision on all student trips so that supervisors will be able to see students at all times.

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