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For that, there are our March Madness predictions. The college game, much more so than the pros, is still home to quirks and oddities that can power a team to a few unexpected tournament wins.

March Madness field: Ranking all 68 teams in the NCAA Tournament bracket

A slight edge in some of the metrics was the difference in Duke getting the overall top seed. Virginia was a solid No.

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TheAndyKatz reacts to the committee's Top 16 BracketPreview released this morning and discusses his full team bracket.

At the same time, the abundance of quality wins kept Kansas in front of Houston.

If the tournament started today DUKE would be the No. BracketPreview pic.

NCAA tournament What to know about every team in the bracket

While a handful of teams were considered for the final spot, it eventually turned into a two-team race between Wisconsin and Villanova, and the Badgers ended up getting more votes based on having six Quadrant 1 wins, including four away from home.

Therefore, the Wildcats were assigned to their next closest site in Kansas City. Michigan was assigned, initially, to the closest available site, which is Louisville. That, however, changed later in the bracketing process, thanks to a unique set of circumstances.

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With four ACC teams in the field of 16, those schools had to go to separate regions. Duke and Virginia were already assigned to the East and Midwest regions, and Louisville is not permitted to play on its home court, meaning the fourth-seeded Cardinals would have to go West and North Carolina had to go to the South.

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However, the committee tries to achieve competitive balance within the four regions by adding up the true seed list number of each of the four teams in each region.

The committee considers a balanced bracket to have no more than a five-point separation between the highest and lowest total among the four regions.

NCAA Basketball: 5 breakout teams to watch in

After bracketing the fourth line and not achieving the desired balance, the third line featured shifting that resulted in Kansas heading West, Houston going to the Midwest and Marquette slotting in the East.

While regional competitive balance is a goal, the biggest bracketing priority is to keep the integrity of the seed lines and avoid moving a team up or down a line other than in the most unusual of circumstances.

  • I mean, technically they do, but realistically there is no chance a team with a No.
  • The opportunity to make millions in the NBA at the ripe age of 18 might seem like a no-brainer. But Oden had been open to reporters about his interest in college.
  • On this page, we'll take a deep dive into bracketology: What it is, what you need to know about the bracket itself, and updating predictions for the entire NCAA tournament field from NCAA.
  • The NCAA tournament gradually began to draw the top teams and more television revenue, and, by the time the University of California, Los Angeles UCLA , began its record run of seven consecutive titles in , the tournament was firmly established as the premier college basketball postseason championship series in the United States. The size of the tournament field increased incrementally from 8 teams in to 64 teams in
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Iowa State was originally sent to the South as it was the closest site but then was switched to the East, with Nevada going to South, for balance purposes. It left the regions as follows: East Washington, D.

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In , 15 of the 16 teams remained the same. At the same time, there are teams dealing with significant injuries while others are getting healthy and improving. A lot can happen.

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I know all of us are looking forward to the stretch run of the regular season. NevadaHoops has a chance to do something special. The actual bracket will be unveiled on CBS at 6 p. Eastern time Sunday, March The South and West regionals will be played March 28 and 30, while the East and Midwest regionals will take place March 29 and Notre Dame.

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