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Tuesday, January 28, 2020 9:38:06 AM

Express Sport is on hand with all of the details so you an live stream the action and watch it on TV. A total of 68 teams, made up of the 32 Division 1 conference champions and 36 sides awarded at-large berths, are all vying for glory.

Whoever it is, Michigan State will need those one or two guys to step it up and have big games to advance past the Blue Devils. Duke has been led by a few freshman all season long. Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett have been the heart and soul of this team.

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They have that freshman bond, that connection where they just know where each other are going to be at all times on the court. Zion is the most athletic college player this year while Barrett is one of the best scorers this year. Zion is almost un-guardable, if you try and cut him off he is quick enough and athletic enough to spin out and have position underneath you.

The only thing you can do is double-team him and have quick guys to get back to their defender on the perimeter. Barrett is one of the best at getting what he wants when he wants it, too.

Michigan State will try to take his lane game out of play on Sunday.

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How much longer can this Duke team live with these freshman? Can these freshman continue to play at such a high level on such a high stage with the world expecting them to win it all? We will just have to wait and see.

Players to Watch Aaron Henry has been improving every game in the tourney. Just a week ago, he was the hot topic for getting yelled at by Tom Izzo.

Live updates: Michigan State Spartans vs. Duke Blue Devils

Since then, he has stepped up his game play in a huge way. Henry has been quicker to get to the ball, he has had more energy and seems to want it more since the coaching from Izzo.

  • Coming off a bye week, the Hokies were handed a blowout loss at home by Duke. Needing seven wins to reach bowl eligibility this season due to having two FCS teams on the schedule, it was hard to look at the eight games remaining on the schedule and find where those five remaining wins could come from.
  • Kenny Goins' 3-pointer in the game's final minute was the difference, as Duke freshman RJ Barrett couldn't convert a pair of free throws that would have tied the game with under 6 seconds remaining. Cassius Winston led the Spartans with 20 points and 10 assists, Xavier Tillman had 19 and 10 rebounds and Goins scored
  • The Spartans slayed the giants of college basketball. In a thrilling down-to-the-wire win, Michigan State ousted No.
  • The do-everything point guard took over the game when his team faced its biggest deficit and led second-seeded Michigan State to a victory over overall No. Winston had 20 points and 10 assists, made nine of his 23 shots and never shied away from shooting.

In his last two games, Henry is averaging He has been hustling to the ball and his desire to be on the floor and make plays is impressive.

This all because of Izzo. Michigan State will need Henry to continue this trend upwards if we want to escape away with our second victory over the Blue Devils on Sunday. Will he be able to steal the lime light away from the Zion and Barrett? They are always talked about but someone who is flying under the radar could be Reddish.

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He was not able to play in his Sweet 16 game against Virginia Tech which was due to a knee injury to where he was limping and something was not feeling right. Coach K and Co. Buy Now! Tre Jones stepped up and hit 5-of-7 from deep but he normally does not shoot from long-range.

If Reddish cannot go again can Jones continue this shooting?

March 22, Image North Carolina was the last of three No. Virginia may have received the biggest shock: a year after it became the first No.

Prediction This game will be a back-and-forth game. Both teams will go on mini runs of their own to hold double-digit leads over the other.

However it will all even out in the end and comedown to the final minutes with the game tied at Michigan State will have the ball and Winston will drive and kick to McQuaid for a huge three, putting it up three.

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Next: 5 reasons Michigan State can win the national title On the other end, Zion will have to work for it but get a bucket in the paint. Then Xavier Tillman will get a nice pass from Winston for an easy layup but will get fouled to go up by two scores.

He makes his free throw to go up four. Barrett will then miss a jumper and Winston will run the clock down and hit a floater to start to pull away.

Prediction: Michigan State 87, Duke

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