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But I removed all spoilers regardless. Amazing animation and editing from start to finish.

Gekijouban kuroko no basket last game watch online

Quarter 76, where Kagami and Himuro have an entire conversation in English.

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It's justified though , as the two knew each other in the States and are probably more used to chatting to each other in English.

Done as well in the anime, sounding far more natural than most examples of this trope. Kagami tends to lapse into English if he's angry or shocked enough. He gets somewhat better as he befriends Kuroko and his other teammates. Hard Work Hardly Works : Murasakibara is a firm believer of this.

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It's averted for Kuroko, who gained this Misdirection skills through lots of hard training. This is the main reason why the two are foils for each other.

Have We Met? The fact that he clearly does know having attended every Seirin game to that point is promptly lampshaded by Takao. The Heart : Kuroko tried to be this in the end of his time at the Teiko basketball team, but failed.

He is getting to his old teammates now about the importance of team spirit, especially Kise. Kuroko suffers from a short-lived one halfway through the second Seirin vs.

Ahead of the physical compact discs, there is also a digital downloadable edition which will be released on the 1st of September.

Touou game. Kiyoshi gets hit with this hard during the Seirin vs. Yousen match. Hero Insurance : Averted. Moments after Kagami destroys Kaijou's backboard, the rest of Seirin are seen worrying about how they're going to pay for it. Heroic Second Wind : Seirin get an epic one during the second match with Touou.

It happens all the time. By the end of the series, it repeatedly happens multiple times in one match : case in point, Seirin v. Direct Drive Zone is more like Seirin's Heroic Sixth Wind between Kuroko rejoining the game, Kagami re-activating the Zone despite having been forced out of it earlier, Izuki tricking Hayama by out-predicting him, Hyuuga's triumphant return and overcoming Mibuchi, and Kuroko and Kagami's epic team-up to stop Akashi.

Hero Killer : Aomine and Akashi both fit this trope for different reasons Aomine, because he's just so much more powerful than literally everyone else. He annihilates Seirin by double their score during his first match with them, then slaughters Kise and Kaijou, winning by twelve points despite being part of the same group as Kise, and Kise getting a huge boost in strength partway through the game.

Even in defeat, it takes everything Seirin has, Kuroko using his trump card, and Kagami both activating the Zone and managing to master off-hand ball handling at the last second in order to win.

Not even Akashi manages that. Akashi, because his goal is to prove himself superior over everyone else, and he's more than capable of doing so. Rakuzan final, Akashi is about as close as it gets to this trope in a sports anime.

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Kagami and Himuro pre-series. Kasamatsu and Kise. Especially with their bickering. Kagami and Kuroko are probably the crowning example. Kuroko and Aomine while in middle school, before Aomine's change in attitude.

Midorima and Takao. Kiyoshi and Hyuuga, though Hyuuga will deny it to the end. Hot-Blooded : Seeing as it's a sports manga, lots of characters qualify as this, but especially Kagami.

Hot Springs Episode : the training session between Touou and Seirin which culminated with Momoi and Aida pressed chest-to-chest.

Hour of Power : Kise's Perfect Copy, which allows him to copy moves from the Generation of Miracles, can only be sustained for five minutes.

Last Game Review: Kuroko and Company Reunite for One Last Game

That is, until the Seirin vs Kaijou rematch where his sheer determination to win allows him to make it last for two extra minutes. How We Got Here : Quarter Akashi reveals near the end of the Shutoku vs.

Rakuzan game that he subtly lowered his speed just enough to get the drop on Takao , thus enabling him to defeat his and Midorima's otherwise-unstoppable Combination Attack. I Let You Win : It is hinted that Kiyoshi let Kagami win during their faceoff in Quarter 55, due to the fact that he was wearing his indoor shoes at the time.

During their final one-on-one in America, Kagami deliberately allowed Himuro to win. Contrary to his expectations, this did more harm than good, as he failed to realize that Himuro has a huge Can't Catch Up complex concerning him.

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Ironic Echo : "I believe you could jump". During the final minutes of the first Seirin vs. Shuutoku match, it's first said by Midorima, after he successfully predicts that Kagami could find the strength to pull off a third jump and moves to counter it.

Then, seconds later, it's repeated by Kuroko, who has predicted both Kagami's and Midorima's actions, and thus ends Midorima's counter before it could even start. It's Personal : The main reason why the second years bench Kagami and Kuroko during the match against Seihou: they want to get revenge for their defeat last year themselves.

The Kirisaki Daiichi match is another one for the second years, especially for Kiyoshi and Hyuuga, since they were the team that injured Kiyoshi's knee the previous year. Hyuuga, of all people, tried to become one of these during his first year at Seirin, even going as far as dyeing his hair blonde.

Later on we have Haizaki, a former regular of Teikou. Aomine has shades of this too.

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And Haizaki is all asshole all the time. It takes Kagami and Aomine working together just to stop him once, and even then, he just takes it up a notch.

It takes Kise and Aomine activating Perfect Copy and Zone, respectively, and then working together to stop him, at that point. Kise using Perfect Copy and Zone simultaneously is the only one who can stop him one-on-one, and even then, he can't sustain it. Keet : Kise. Last-Name Basis : Almost everywhere; notable in that even the fans refer to virtually all the characters by their last names.

Kuroko is a 'shadow' player who is nigh-invisible on the court; he focuses on supporting flashy 'light' players like Aomine and Kagami instead of making himself shown. Kuroko: I am a supporting actor, a shadow. But a shadow will become darker if the light is stronger and it will make the white of the light stand out.

Kuroko's Basketball The Movie: Last Game

As the shadow of the main actor, I will make you, the light, the number one in Japan. Lightning Bruiser : Almost every ace in one way or another, but Murasakibara is of special note for being just as fast if not faster than Kagami even though he outsizes him by 18 centimeters and 17 kilograms 7.

This is Truth in Television : the Zone has been proven scientifically as an extremely mentally focused state where one's physical and mental abilities are dramatically increased.

Here Loads and Loads of Characters : Well, there's the original 7 from Teikou and 7 from Seirin not to mention Kiyoshi , and then the various teams and teammates that get a ton of development time.

There are 4 from Kaijou, 4 from Touou, 3 from Shuutoku, and that's not even counting the random opponents that Seirin fights really hard against and wins Love Bubbles : Kuroko , of all people, gets them after he tries a delicious sandwich.

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