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Wednesday, October 23, 2019 6:31:30 PM


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IU defeated USI, As expected, it was an easy win for the Hoosiers. A particularly active night on defense from Romeo Langford saw the freshman finish with five rebounds and four steals, while on offense he had 13 points and five turnovers. Rob Phinisee also had 13 points to pace the IU offense, and he too was aggressive when defending, but also had three rebounds and four assists in his first public game against a college opponent.

The Hoosiers went on 3-pointers in the game, improving in the second half to go from downtown. Southern Indiana kept the game to about a point deficit for most of the first half, but then even as the Screaming Eagles began to shoot better from the field, IU's barrage of 3-pointers allowed the Hoosiers to pull away.

Southern Indiana' leading scorer was senior Nate Hansen with 13 points. Shooting from 3-point land has bolstered the IU offense in the second half as Southern Indiana has also gotten more comfortable shooting the ball.

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Ten different Hoosiers have scored in the game, with Romeo Langford and Rob Phinisee both having 13 points. Jake Forrester has checked into the game for IU and scored two points on a hook shot off the backboard.

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IU's defense has been slacking just a bit in the second half with Southern Indiana shooting from the field, which is better than percent.

De'Ron Davis checked out of the game for the Hoosiers with a bit of a grimace on his face, but remains on the bench.

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A barrage of 3-point shooting from the Hoosiers has extended their lead. Damezi Anderson and Evan Fitzner both connected on looks from downtown as IU has fared much better shooting from distance than it did to start the game.

Jake Forrester still without an appearance for IU tonight.

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He guarded Juwan Morgan for most of his time on the court. Not a super sharp start to the second period from the Hoosiers, but a point lead isn't in any danger.

Al Durham is back on the IU bench, but did not participate in warmups for the second half. Johnny Jager and Clifton Moore have also seen just a bit of a playing time, although none yet for Jake Forrester.

Jerome Hunter was ruled out injured before the game for the Hoosiers due to a foot injury. As several people pointed out online and in person during the first half, the rim iubb was shooting on looked like it was a bit loose.

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Halftime adjustments are being made. IU's leading scorer is Rob Phinisee with 10 points, the only Hoosier player in double-digits.

University of Southern Indiana

Phinisee has also been aggressive on defense for the Hoosiers and has three rebounds and two assists in 18 minutes of play. Elsewhere, Romeo Langford has six points and three rebounds and steals each, but also three turnovers in his first public game against a college opponent.

Justin Smith had a quick seven points for IU, but didn't score the rest of the half, while Evan Fitzner has seven points as well in his IU debut, including a sweet 3-pointer in IU's final possession of the half.

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