How Many People Watch Basketball Worldwide

Monday, October 21, 2019 10:25:50 PM

NFL teams average more revenue, as well. Beer, surprisingly, slipped down two slots to become the seventh biggest NBA sponsor. Instead, all NBA teams pool their annual revenue together and then redistribute it — from high grossing teams to low grossing ones — and each team receives revenue equal to the salary cap that year. Some more cynical fans suspect the reason some series go longer is because everyone wants to make more money.

How many people watch basketball worldwide

I write about dollars and cents in the world of sports. This article is more than 2 years old.

World's Most Popular Sports by Fans

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Nearly six months after the NBA lockout ended, NBA fans across the world and the league's executives have much to celebrate. Although the NBA season was shortened as a result of the lockout, fans have not turned their back on the league.

Additionally, the NBA expects that million fans will follow The Finals through social media networks. The large surge in international viewership of The Finals is driven in part by the vast number of networks and online outlets that are televising the event.

This year, 90 international television, radio and online outlets will air The Finals. Notably, this season, fourteen international networks are airing The Finals for the first time.

History of The Game Of Basketball Including The NBA and the NCAA

The growth of international interest in the NBA is further demonstrated by the amount of international media that will converge upon Oklahoma City and Miami to cover The Finals. Social media networks have also increased the NBA's worldwide fan base.

The official NBA, team and player pages combined across Twitter and Facebook have accumulated more than million likes and followers. The surge of international interest that the NBA has seen in recent years is arguably driven by a number of factors.

How The NBA Makes Money: Television, Merchandising, Ticket Sales

The growth of interest in the sport has also caused the NBA to open offices in 15 international markets. Additonally, team rosters are largely made up of international talent.

Basketball Popularity

Approximately 20 percent of the league's players are international, as 79 international players are on team's rosters. The Playoffs were incredible, and The Finals match-up features All-Star players that are known worldwide.

Top 12 basketball leagues in the world outside the NBA

Basketball's popularity is at an all-time high. Fans want to see the very best compete and what's unique in our sport is that the best players in the world play in a single league.

The Most Popular Sports in the World

Basketball is the number-two sport globally with an estimated million people playing the game. We work with FIBA, the governing body of basketball, and local federations on developing the game at the grassroots level.

Not surprisingly, golf's fans have the highest share of seniors. The same was true of the Super Bowl in

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