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Share celebrity photos or facts. Best Basketball Movies for Kids The genre of basketball movies has been around for many decades now, and Hollywood has regularly churned out some all time classics, that are watched and loved by people of all ages Rahul Thadani Basketball is a game that almost every kid loves, and making a movie on the game makes it highly entertaining for kids of all age groups to watch. Inserting some animation and some cartoons in the movie also helps a lot, and all the best basketball movies ever made for kids have this unique factor about them.

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Contact The Ultimate Basketball Movie List This list is always growing and is intended to include every movie or video that has basketball in it in any way. The movies are not listed in any order. Teen Wolf Micheal J.

Will Lebron James star in it? All of those questions and then some have arisen in recent weeks.

Fox plays as both himself and the Wolf. He decides to risk his teammates wrath by playing the finals as his Alex P.

Keaton-like self.

The Best Basketball Movies of All

The most tense moment in the film occurs when Mike is nailed at the buzzer and goes nose to nose with the bully before sinking both free throws. I know, the plot is a bit of a stretch.

The movie then shows all the moves people try to make on Jesus trying to make his talent pay off for themselves. Various highlights: Ray Allen does a decent acting job. Denzel rocks a fro and displays a pretty decent game himself.

However, having Ray Allen as the star presents one problem. When he played Denzel in one on one, I found it hard to buy into the hard-fought competitive game. However, it has a universally disliked ending that kind of puts a damper on things.

Best Sports Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

In spite of that, I recommend this movie to all ballers. Blue Chips As you might be able to tell by the title, Blue Chips deals with the many ups and downs of college basketball. Nick Nolte plays a formerly successful coach whose program has fallen on hard times.

It chronicles his attempt to resurrect his team through some old-fashioned recruiting, and some new school shady business.

Ranking the Top 10 Basketball Movies

Blue Chips contains lots of basketball players playing major roles and some coaches in cameos. This movie was the first time Penny and Shaq played as teammates and the chemistry they displayed was rumored to be one of the reasons the Magic traded for Penny.

I bet the Magic wish they could have kept their two former stars reading from a script, so they could have kept them together by writing best buddy roles for them.

The basketball in Blue Chips is pretty good quality and has a great scene with Shaq playing in some basement court and blocking the bejesus out of everyone.

38 Best Basketball movies images

Nick Nolte does a great impression of a coach blowing a gasket on more than one occasion. One interesting note, Shaq speaks better and with more feeling in this movie than he does in most interviews.

Perhaps the interviews are just bad acting. Celtic Pride Note to all Celtic fans…this movie attacks us when we are down. Filling the stereotypical role of the early Celtic teams, everyone is white, no one can dunk, and I think they even use the picket fence once!

However aside from that, the movie has merit. There are lots of cameos, and the scenes in the bar are hilarious.

  • But the movies know that basketball rarely achieves this utopian vision—at least until players learn to become a team. Like most sports depicted on the big screen, basketball dribbles to its own familiar beats, narrative arcs, and shot-sinking fourth quarters.
  • Already a Fandango VIP? Mmm… bacon.
  • Meet Gabrielle van den Bosch It is the middle of Summer, and this means that there is a break in the basketball season. There are no games, players are on holiday, and therefore there is no action to watch, and no sensation and drama to follow on live television.
  • Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan star in the ultimate hardcourt romance.

Watch for a huge cameo by the great one…Mr. Larry Bird. As for those who crush the movie strictly because it is about the Celtics…Pitino is starting to hook things up in Beantown, so get on your knees now, because when the Green machine runs rampant, we Celtic fans will have taken names, and will be looking for some asses to kick.

This movie features the typical bullies versus underdogs storyline that all good family sports-movies do. A good movie to watch with the youngsters. For me, the most interesting part about this movie was the African guy who was the star player ended up playing division III ball in the States.

An Innocent Man Not much ball in this movie.

The Ultimate Basketball Movie List

It is more about crooked cops and Tom Selleck getting punked every which way he turns. But after ending up in the joint, Selleck shows he has mediocre game.

I guess anyone who can be Magnum PI, and Mr. Baseball, must have some game. I remember the movie being pretty good at one point in my life, but upon further review, it gets a Christian Laettner rating. Eddie I think this movie could very well be the reason why Whoopi Goldberg is now the permanent middle square on the New Hollywood Squares.

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Basic plot: Whoopi becomes coach of the Knicks — and does a slightly better job than Van Gundy. Rick Fox is at it again, staking his claim to become the Olivier of basketball actors.

Greg Ostertag plays the usual clumsy oaf he does for the Jazz every game, by he throws in a twist by using a goofy Lithuanian accent. This movie uses predictable, woman as coach jokes, and has a weak storyline.

Best Basketball Movies for Kids

The basketball in the movie is nothing special, and neither is this movie. American History X This movie was excellent.

It was filled with controversy, and the plot was great. Ed Norton was the man. The movie focused on the transition of a confused teenager who becomes a skinhead after his dad dies in a black neighborhood and who ends up in jail and slowly realizes how stupid racism is.

Make no mistake, this movie is great, and should be seen by everyone…. However, if we are rating on basketball, this movie is weak. The skinheads play the local African-americans for control of the court forever , after the fat skinhead slob runs his mouth. Norton steps in to get his game on.

We at bcza. Norton decides he is the reincarnation of Pistol Pete and whips around the back passes like mad and overall, the game is pretty funny looking.

The Best Basketball Movies to Inspire Great Aspirations

What makes the balling terrible, is Norton throwing down a huge two handed reverse it reminded of the scene at the end of Boogie Nights, because this dunk was all done with smoke and mirrors.

The Mighty This movie is the story of two very different kids who become best friends. One is a big hulking oaf that everyone makes fun of but is a misunderstood oaf with a big heart.

The other is a small kid with leg braces that is a super genius. Basketball enters this movie in a couple of places. The kids are playing basketball in gym class when the two main characters first meet. The second instance occurs after they become good friends.

The kids play ball with the small kid on the big kids shoulders. The premise is that the small kid finally gets to play sports like the other kids using the big kids legs.

The highlight of the game is when the small kid throws down a two handed jam for game point. A family movie with a bit of basketball thrown in to help the plot. But anyway, about the movie. In my opinion, this movie has one of the best basketball oriented storylines of any movies on this list.

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