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Friday, January 17, 2020 3:08:53 PM

How to watch Florida vs. Towson away Current Records: Florida ; Towson What to Know Towson fans better hope the squad plays one heck of a game on Saturday as the spread is decidedly against them. They will square off against Florida on the road at 4 p.

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Illinois ruined next week's undefeated matchup between Wisconsin and Ohio State with the biggest upset of the year, a football game turned into a dance-off, Virginia Tech won a six-overtime thriller and Louisville is still insane.

Here are the six craziest things that happened in Week 8 of the college football season.

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Well, I've got some bad news Wisconsin entered Saturday's game in Champaign Four of those six wins were shutouts. The defense had only allowed 29 combined for the season.

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SCtop10 pic. The fact that Tennessee lost to Alabama isn't crazy. What was lost in the win and all the injury news on Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was a goal-line play by Tennessee that went horrifically wrong in what was still a close game. Trailing in the fourth quarter, Tennesse lined up for a 4th and goal from Alabama's 1-yard line.

Then this happened.

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Unfortunate play? No, it goes beyond that. There's a lot going on with that offensive line.

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It looks like the guard pulls which would never happen on a quarterback sneak. Guarantano doesn't come close to getting into the end zone and he gets smacked backward.

We will never know exactly what happened on that play, whether he called the wrong play or there was a different run called and he decided to try to sneak it in himself.

Head coach Jeremy Pruitt, however, was pissed and met his quarterback on the field so he could yell at him and grab his face mask.

He said after the game he was mad because Guarantano tried to go over the top instead of trying to push his way through the middle, but again Seven players ejected after a dance-off Things got pretty heated in Saturday's game between Coastal Carolina and Georgia Southern.

How heated you ask? Well between the third and fourth quarters both teams had to be separated because No, this is not the script for a Footloose sequel, this actually happened. In the most intense dance-off since West Side Story , both teams began dancing on the field when the song "Mo Bamba" played over the loudspeakers.

This is new What really made things weird was why this game was so close.

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After the game, several quotes came out of Kansas players saying they were motivated by disrespectful comments Texas head coach Tom Herman made at his Monday weekly press conference.

When asked about Kansas, Herman said, "We actually play a game this week?

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Herman was not asked a single question about Kansas during his press conference until it was almost 17 minutes in. His remark seemed aimed at the writers for not bringing up that week's game sooner, but I guess Les Miles and his coaches decided the Kansas players did not need to know that part.

The Sooner Schooner comes out onto the field at Oklahoma to celebrate Sooner touchdowns.

And you've landed in the right place to discover how to live stream college football right up to the National Championship.

In the second quarter, however, things went awry as the Schooner tipped over when making too sharp a turn. Wow, the Sooner Schooner took a hard fall.

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