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Monday, January 13, 2020 3:58:37 PM

June 5, Image The Warriors are depending on Stephen Curry to keep them in Game 3 with key offensive players out injured. Coach Steve Kerr, prioritizing caution, decided before Game 3 of the N. The Warriors were already missing Kevin Durant indefinitely and Kevon Looney for the rest of the series because of injuries, and now this? The Warriors are still a powerhouse in search of their fourth championship in five seasons, but they are not immune to sprains and strains, and the collective cost of so many battered body parts is mounting.

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Read the Audio Agreement or Video Agreement. Complete the Registration Form be sure to press "Submit". Those not listed will not be allowed. For OSAA state championship events hosted by member schools, it shall be the responsibility of those registered and approved to contact the host school's athletic director to arrange for space, power and Internet access if available.

The OSAA will coordinate these arrangements at all final sites and semifinal sites for football only.

Southwestern Athletic Conference

Video highlights are limited to a total of two minutes per game, including broadcasts, streams and social media posts. The OSAA retains the right to grant market exclusivity to an outlet for selected state championship events, first round contests through the championship finals.

An OSAA member school in a rights agreement with a local media outlet may refuse broadcast privileges to another media outlet in the same market when hosting an OSAA playoff game.

This policy does not pertain to contests at OSAA final sites and football semifinal games unless the member school is hosting the final site or football semifinal and its team is participating.

Criticism of an official, coach, team, player, or school during the broadcast is prohibited.

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The following schedule of spots must air within each broadcast an outlet originates: One second OSAA Open Adjacency spot immediately prior to the open of the broadcast and one second OSAA Close Adjacency spot immediately following the close of the broadcast.

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