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St. Louis Hoops by Jim Healey

This effort is no exception. While efforts has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, the author is dependent on the completeness of school records, published documents and recollections of individuals. If you believe that you are aware of an error contained in the book, an omission or a new record, please notify the author at the email noted below with the information.

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It is the goal of the project to develop a complete record of St. Louis area basketball. This entails This book is published via a print-on-demand basis; allowing for continual updating as new information is received and verified.

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Ordering information is noted below, and the website provides an easy process for purchasing books. Louis Hoops; Compendium of St. Louis, MO This is a prinT-on-demand siTe.

Louis Basketball With Appreciation During my years of research for this project I used many tools to find the material contained within this book.

I scoured newspapers, game programs, websites and yearbooks. I spent countless hours reviewing microfilm attempting to find key bits of data. I used various on-line sources where available, and finally, I spoke to some terrific and dedicated individuals who love this game and have devoted many years playing, coaching and improving it.

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The individuals below were of assistance to me in the completion of this project. Many supplied key information, from their own files. Others just listened to my story, were supportive, and either pointed me in the right direction to find additional data, or worked on their own to do so.

This completed book is due in part to the combined efforts of those below. A few told me they did not have time, while others simply did not respond. It would seem to me that documenting the success of teams and players should rank at the top of their job description, but for many it apparently falls toward the bottom of their priorities.

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Similarly, the coverage of high school and college teams was very strong for decades, with rivalries and key contests featured in bold headlines in the sports section of area papers.

Today, sadly, local sports are not covered nearly as well as the internet appears to be the primary outlet for many stories. I can only hope that the school and player data that is in the public domain is preserved and not lost due to electronic media mishaps.

Many high school websites point the reader to the electronic statistics maintained by sports websites. If proper backup and archival details are not maintained, schools may find that the sites they rely upon for team and player information no longer exist, and the data may be permanently lost.

Finally, I would like to add that when I first began to undertake this effort, my earliest notes were dated in October, , I had little hope of it being as complete as it is, nor as large an effort.

What began as a small project to document the areas best prep players, eventually grew into a Compendium of area basketball; encompassing significant detail on the three major segments — high school, college and pro — with other groups — in particular youth and industrial programs — covered to a lesser extent.

These areas are for the most part the precursor and successor to the other major programs, and as such were harder to document. Jim Healey January, St. Louis Basketball 3 St. Louis Area there are many different criteria that may be used.

Broadcast news and weather reports will extend this to almost a mile radius, while other groups define it by county, city or other specific geographic feature. In general, this includes 6 counties in Missouri, the City of St. Louis, and 5 counties in Illinois.

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For this work, I have defined it in the following manner: 1. High Schools that are within approximately 50 miles of St.

Louis 2. Schools that play a minimum of a game schedule While the above criteria are, in themselves arbitrary, it is what was used to include schools listed.

Though the rules may differ slightly depending on the age or level of competition, the basic tenant of the game remains the same; put the ball in the basket.

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Certainly, how this is done, and how much each effort is worth has changed greatly since Dr. The earliest games were a work-in-progress. Naismith had to devise rules on the fly, as it were, but his original 13 rules remain true to the roots of the game, even as it evolved into an international sport, and as it continues to provide entertainment, enjoyment, recreation and competition at each level.

Seasons did not overlap, camps were non-existent; you paid a fee, received your jersey and began practices. Gyms were seldom regulation as they served as cafeterias, bingo rooms, churches, and in some cases, stages for plays or perhaps more accurately, the stages served as courts when there were no plays.

Instead of wood surfaces, often they consisted of tile floors making it quite interesting when a player tried stopping and slid three feet! Players wore knee pads to avoid injuring their knees when diving for loose balls, and scoring over 20 points in a game was usually a sure win.

Games of that era bore little resemblance to the up tempo games played today. But no matter where you played, each basket was worth two, each free throw worth one.

Some of the earliest games in this area were played as an exhibition sport at the Olympics, as teams representing grade schools, high schools, colleges, yMCA groups and professional teams, joined in a series of events. This book is a combination history and compendium of basketball in St.

Gradually, the game was modernized - the center jump after each basket was abandoned, the lane was widened, the three point shot was adopted, along with longer shorts, flashier ball-handling, better shotmaking and very athletic players.

However, along the way it also lost a bit of its purity as it became less a sport and more entertainment; less about perfecting your own athletic ability and more about the highlight reel as the in-your-face approach that tends to dominate the game today replaced the more civilized respect for your opponent - even though, in the end, beating them remained the objective.

This work attempts to recognize outstanding programs; that is, the players, teams and coaches that joined to create a history of area basketball that may serve to inspire future participants on their journey to perfect their skills. Basketball at its core is a beautiful game.

The players of today are among the most athletic to be found. Louis Basketball 5 Table of Contents Introduction. Louis Regional Championship Louis Schools. Louis Bombers BAA.

Louis Hawks NBA. Louis ABA. Louis Swarm IBL. Louis Skyhawks uSBL. Louis Flight ABA2.

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Louis Stunners ABA. Louis Pioneers ABA. Louis Bombers - Game Results. Louis Hawks - Game Results. Louis - Game Results.

Players Born in Massachusetts, USA

Louis Basketball 7 Preface As you page through this book, it is my goal that the memories of games will momentarily drift from subconscious to the conscious mind, enabling you to recall with vivid clarity games long past the buzzer.

Living in the Normandy area, my friends and I made the annual trek to Normandy for the Christmas Tournament where we sat all day watching game after game, as one team after another saw their light go off on the huge board at the west end of the gym. It is also where I saw the fast-breaking Clopton Hawks - always a crowd favorite - as their up-tempo game was unseen in many area gyms.

It is also sitting behind the basket at Concordia Seminary and watching the St.

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