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We laughed, we cried and we blatantly disregarded flawed plots and bad acting, because at the end of the day they were perfect just they way they were. Here's a definitive ranking of Disney Channel Original Movies to end the debate once and for all. Jump In! And like quit complaining dude, you get to be a mermaid. Johnny Tsunami This one is just such a classic.

Through the twin wonders of Netflix and YouTube, we recently rekindled our passion for this very specific art form.

What movie is about twin sisters that play basketball and is often seen on Disney?

Some movies were just as awesome as we remembered, portraying male and female characters as equals in every way and showcasing kick-ass women that inspired us as awkward tweens. Others whipped us into a righteous feminist rage, with backward gender dynamics and objectified women.

We decided to combine these two passions — feminism and Disney Channel Original Movies — and rank the 50 DCOMs that have left the strongest impact on us through a feminist lens, looking at strong female characters, feminist messaging, and overall quality of each movie equally. We realize that feminism is a belief system that informs actions, not a scale upon which people or art can be ranked from "most " to "least.

  • Toss Up: The Luck of the Irish vs.
  • In the movie, Belle plays a teenage girl who revisits her former home of Hawaii and reconnects with the land and her distant father. Oh, hello there.
  • At the age of 19 they have attained 6-feet-5 height.
  • Hockey players turn on Miracle. Football athletes watch as Rudy overcomes all of his unimaginable obstacles.
  • The movie 7 p.

In this supposed coming-of-age story, a spoiled rich, young man is condemned to a Montana ranch after being the worst host ever to his kid cousin. Women are rarely mentioned, except as possessions. This boy is given so many chances to turn his act around.

This movie teaches kids that if you're an asshole, you get to go to a fancy ranch and ride horses. Et tu, Bryan Cranston?

Toss Up: The Luck of the Irish vs. Full Court Miracle

The only sensible people in this movie are the sister and the mom, and they are ignored left and right! Does it include a female skater? Is it a shitshow in its treatment of female characters? Also, yes. Brink is basically a macho man versus man battle, with Gabriella sabotaged and almost scapegoated as a plot device, instead of being treated as a complex and autonomous character.

Good riddance, we say. But the girl, Jessica Olson, is really just mean here!

  • Given to the junior high school who wins the most sports games, it all comes down to a bowling match after a basketball game ends in a tie.
  • They brought entertainment, sure, but they also brought after school special movies that were actually good. The best Disney Channel Original Movies were likely staples of the entertainment during your childhood.
  • Their father decides that they need to go to a bigger school outside of their school area so that they can get scholarships. At first the twins were supposed to be playing Volleyball at their new school but then 6'1 Heather is discovered by the basketball coach.
  • It starred Sarah Hyland as Dylan Schoenfield; a popular year-old girl whose well-to-do life had gone to her head.
  • Get A Clue 1. Cadet Kelly I know a lot of of you saw this because it debuted with 7.

Wendy is never the powerful feminist heroine we want her to be. So much unfulfilled potential. The fact of the matter is that there had been three HSM movies released before this, and Sharpay did not significantly evolve beyond her selfish ways over the course of the series.

Also, great Ryan cameo at the end.

Plot[ edit ] In , twins Heather and Heidi Burge are forced by their overly-pushy father to leave their former school and attend a different school to have better chances at college scholarships.

The plot deals with gender in a really weird way, with a helpless female character creating an imaginary male friend who she then has to save. Long before he starred as Sean Parker on The Social Network, the boy band legend was the only really memorable element about this alleged female empowerment tale by way of a Parent Trap—like plot.

The two main characters claim to find themselves at the end of the film, but they really find fulfillment with boys. Thankfully, one of these boys is Justin Timberlake. As two people who frequently have pregnancy stress dreams, having quintuplets sounds like a nightmare.

Honestly, Jamie, who is upset that her five new siblings have taken the attention away from her, needs to get over herself — imagine how much money her parents are spending on diapers and strollers!

25 Disney Channel Original Movies That'll Make You Super Nostalgic

Girl vs. Monster Disney Channel With a title like Girl vs. Monster, this film would, you'd think, delve more deeply into issues of gender, as our protagonist Skylar discovers her parents are monster hunters and embarks on a mission to save them.

Sadly, this movie is no Halloweentown. In the climactic final bowling showdown, male brute force gets the split, but the intelligence and gentle touch of a woman wins the game.

She was doing fine! First, making a man the mermaid — sorry merman — flips traditional gender roles on their head. Could one argue that this is a metaphor for a queer awakening?

Ranking The 25 Best Disney Channel Original Movies

The pickings are so slim that you literally have to date a goddamn misogynist vampire! Ultimately, the mom values her kids above romantic entanglements with vampires.

The mother has the traditionally male superpower of superhuman strength, and she also kills it in the boardroom.

She and her husband equally share the responsibilities of raising their kids and fighting crime, something the movie never draws attention to as out of the ordinary. However, a subtle yet powerful relationship that strengthens over the course of the film is that between two women — Tru and her mother.

Tru is ultimately able to accept her brother by building this connection with her mom, as well as tapping into her inner strength through the filming of the documentary. Stepsister From Planet Weird

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