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If you were to do that, you certainly wouldn't be the first or the only person to do so. Many people job search during the workweek rather than on weekends, and many do it from work. Given the way companies monitor employees, it's unwise to use your work computer or email account for job searching.

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By Susan M. Heathfield Updated June 25, Do you know who you are hiring? You need to review each resume , cover letter and job application that you receive with care. You want to ensure that the candidates you consider hiring are who they say they are and that their credentials are valid and match your needs.

These red flags are the mistakes, errors, and indicators that give you a great deal of information about the individual who is applying for your open job. Employers ignore these red flags at their own risk. Also, as you look for these red flags, recognize that they may reflect the existing job market, bad advice from a career or placement expert, or desperation on the part of job searchers for their application materials to catch your attention.

That said, certain flags, you cannot ignore. For example, never hire an individual who lied to you. While none of these resume red flags is the kiss of death for an applicant, except possibly the careless resume, and the lies, all require serious resume review by the employer as you consider potential employees for your open job.

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These gaps include dates of employment listed only in years so that the actual day and month of employment ending are masked. An additional red flag is a functional resume which avoids providing dates at all. An employment gap is not an impossible obstacle when you are hiring an employee , but if the applicant fails to explain the gap on the resume or cover letter , ask.

In fact, this is a critical question to ask in your telephone interview before you invest staff time in an interview onsite. Failure to shine in these details on their resume and application are red flags for an employer.

They are indicative of what you can expect from the candidate as an employee. Looking for careless, sloppy, or unconcerned? Undoubtedly not.

Your evidence is sitting before you on your desk or on your computer screen. Based on this evidence, why would you have any faith that he or she would get it right when you employ them? Are words missing in sentences that a quick proofread would have caught? How about cut-and-paste errors?

The applicant is applying to company x for the job posted but the name of the company, the job title , or the salutation on the cover letter are incorrect. Dates of employment are obviously wrong or missing data was never substituted for xxx used as a place marker. None of these errors are earth-shaking, but they radiate an overall unprofessional appearance of an applicant during your resume review—and they should.

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If the applicant has changed employers, for example, a vice president's title at one company may carry equivalent responsibilities as a director in a larger organization.

A manager may have accepted a role as an individual contributor because a layer of management was eliminated in a restructuring. Or, she may have been laid off and has chosen to work a job in a less responsible role rather than collect unemployment.

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Sometimes, a parent with child care responsibilities has chosen a less responsible role or a part-time job until the children are attending school full time.

So, question signs that a career is going backward or plateaued. But, other circumstances can also cause a career to appear derailed.

The problem you need to weigh is that smart candidates know this. They explain their responsibility differences or the appearance of a career going backward in their resume or cover letter.

Note that in some jurisdictions, this practice is illegal. A request for "local candidates only" means just that. The employer does not want to consider—or pay for—the candidacy of out-of-town applicants.

Failing to write a cover letter is often a sign that the individual applying is not qualified for the position. The applicant thinks that resume review is a crap shoot and if they throw enough of them out there, eventually one will yield a job interview.

Prove them wrong if they fail to follow your published directions. You have the right to specify what you need from an applicant. Interview the candidates who give you what you requested. On the one hand, when the employer may have potential wiggle room for the right candidate, the employer feels that posting a salary excludes potential, qualified applicants.

On the other hand, applicants believe that they will disqualify themselves for jobs they may well have accepted. Applicants also do not want to waste time applying for jobs that they cannot consider because the pay is too low.

Whatever position you support in the debate , the fact remains. Note that in an increasing number of jurisdictions, asking for salary history is becoming illegal.

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If your online job application takes an hour to fill out, a p. The cover letter is an especially telling omission. First, applicants who are unqualified for positions, via their qualifications and work experience, tend to spam employers with resumes.

Understand that their resume review is usually a waste of your time, too. When applicants include a cover letter that essentially says, my resume is attached, you know that they have skipped the most important opportunity that they had to capture your attention.

Anything else is a red flag. They exhibit knowledge of your customers and products and know how they can contribute to your organization. You walk a fine line in selecting such a candidate for your jobs, however.

Your organization will benefit from their long-term experience and the knowledge they bring to your workplace.

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But, any new workplace invests employee time and money in training even an experienced person. Employees build relationships, and your workplace is always disrupted when an employee leaves.

And, that is the problem with an overqualified candidate.

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