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Thursday, January 2, 2020 7:15:21 PM


How Brentwood Academy beat MUS in Friday's DII

We are committed to prepare our students to be productive citizens in a global community using career academies, enhanced extracurricular activities, and instructional technology. Vision Statement Heritage High School will create an effective cross-curricular professional learning community to promote the mastery of the common core standards.

Heritage High School / Overview

Through collaboration, reflection and analysis of student learning, our PLC will ensure students achieve their academic potential in preparation for college and careers.

Staff members, students and parents will create a safe and supportive environment in which all students become productive life-long learners that impact the community in a positive way.

Girls' Varsity Basketball

Academic Standards: Students will demonstrate academic proficiency by meeting the common core and state content standards in preparation for their post-secondary endeavors. Research and Technology: Students will demonstrate proficiency in using various resources and technology to conduct research, test hypotheses and solve problems.

  • Today we are proud to remain on mission after 50 years, investing in students academically, physically and spiritually to the glory of God.
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Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate an ability to think critically and creatively, work collaboratively and independently, and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

Communication: Students will develop effective communication skills through critical and reflective reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  • It's a big victory for our kids. His first was a yard touchdown pass to Preston Scott with 34 seconds left in the second quarter that tied the score before halftime, and that was preceded by Justin Bohrer's yard field goal at the mark of the period.
  • This sale closed way back in January Our instinct told us this trust would not be difficult to crack.
  • In fact, this past school year the BCS Bears made Texas private school history by sweeping the academic meets for high school and middle school. These incredible academic achievements are made while also learning that Christ is the purpose of learning, values, manners and decency matters.
  • Galena Park North Shore, ; 2. Duncanville, ; 3.
  • Blake Gage B. University of Victoria , M.

Citizenship: Students will demonstrate an understanding of social responsibility and will respect diversity in the school community and the larger society.

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